Professional Liability Insurance: Why You Need It If You’re a Freelancer

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Professional Liability Insurance: Why You Need It If You’re a Freelancer

May 25 2023
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Consultants and freelancers work hard to build their businesses and provide high-quality services to their clients. However, even the most experienced professionals can make mistakes and these errors can have serious consequences. That is why consultants and freelancers need to have Professional Liability Insurance. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of Professional Liability Insurance for consultants and freelancers.

What Exactly is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance protects professionals against lawsuits brought by customers who allege that they have incurred financial loss or harm as a result of the professional’s work. The concerns of freelancing, such as failure to deliver services, negligence, physical injury, or damage to property to third parties, are covered by this liability insurance. It includes a broad variety of occupations, such as consultants, physicians, independent contractors, accountants, architects, lawyers, engineers, and more.

What Does It Include?

Some freelancing professionals start their careers believing their company and individual insurance policies will cover each other. But this is not always the case. Others enter the freelance workforce without considering the necessity of insurance coverage. Personal insurance may cover some business-related risks, such as theft or damage to your property, but it won’t shield you from all of them.

Freelancing comes in a variety of forms, and it can be difficult to find the ideal support for a small business. The most pertinent and, undoubtedly, most significant insurance plan a freelancer should think about having is Professional Liability Insurance. The fundamental coverages of this policy protect you against the most probable threats. This type of policy can even help a freelancer in the gig economy protect themselves from unexpected liability issues. This insurance also referred to as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, defends against accusations of carelessness, misbehaviour, or failure to provide a service following a contract. If a client expressly depends on your professional expertise, such as a copywriter, graphic designer, or makeup artist, this insurance policy can be crucial for you.

Professional Liability Insurance might pay for legal fees and other costs if a freelancer loses money because of their mistake or carelessness. Assume you’re a freelance translator working on a website for a new customer. Customers who felt they could not fully grasp the content might charge the company for making translation errors. If a client sues you for professional negligence, your Professional Liability Insurance policy may pay the client’s legal costs and any monetary judgment.

Although it covers many things, there are certain areas which this policy does not insure. The following are some examples of obligations that are not covered by Professional Liability Insurance:

  • Accidents that happen to employees
  • Lawsuits filed by employees alleging discrimination
  • Accidental harm to one’s body
  • Damage to commercial properties
  • Injuries or damages sustained by customers

Who Requires Professional Liability Coverage?

Any freelancer or independent employee who deals directly with clients to deliver a specialized service needs to invest in Professional Liability Insurance. It guarantees that all of your bases are covered if a client chooses to make you accountable for any errors in your work. This protection is important regardless of the service that you provide.

Businesses that offer some form of professional assistance or service, such as the following, are typically the ones that are encouraged to purchase this particular form of insurance coverage: IT consultants, management specialists, engineers, architects, accountants, graphic designers etc.

Why Would A Freelancer Require Professional Liability Insurance?

Being your boss, establishing your schedule, determining your rate, and other advantages come with working as a full-time freelancer. It also has the disadvantage of not being protected by a comprehensive insurance plan many permanent employers provide, often covering more than you think.

There will always be some level of risk, whether you work in consulting, graphic design, or another type of business. Protection from losses and claims that are not covered by your insurance is crucially provided by Professional Liability Insurance.

Freelancers may be subject to claims if customers think they have suffered financial loss as a clear result of the work a freelancer performed or if they consider the contract’s terms have not been upheld.

Additionally, if you’re a freelancer, it might be challenging to find work without insurance because prospective employers might demand evidence of insurance before you sign a contract or accept a job offer. As more people do it alone or try to make additional money through a side hustle, the freelancing industry is becoming extremely competitive. Some clients may reject you if you lack the necessary insurance coverage.

As a freelancer, having a good Professional Liability Insurance policy will make you more appealing to potential clients and show them that you are willing to look out for both your own and their best interests.

Professional Liability Insurance policies lessen your possibility of going broke while increasing your chances of earning money as a freelancer. The majority of freelancers lack the funds to protect themselves in these circumstances and risk becoming financially crippled in the absence of insurance coverage, whereas bigger corporations may have the financial resources to recover from a pricey liability or malpractice claim.

Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance for Freelancers and Consultants

   1. Protection Against Legal Actions

Customers of consultants and independent contractors may bring civil action against them if they feel they have received unfair treatment or have lost money. A lawsuit’s financial burden, which may include the price of legal counsel as well as the sum of any damages granted, can be lessened with the aid of Professional Liability Insurance.

   2. Risk Management

In addition, having Professional Liability Insurance can assist consultants and contractors in risk management by supplying them with direction and assistance if they are sued. Insurance companies employ seasoned professionals who can assist in the reduction of risks and the prevention of prospective claims from developing into legal actions.

   3. Increased Reliability and Credibility

A consultant or freelancer who carries Professional Liability Insurance may also find that their trustworthiness with their clientele improves. Because having insurance demonstrates a dedication to both quality and professionalism, customers are more likely to trust and collaborate with professionals who have it.

   4. Peace of Mind

Consultants and freelancers who have Professional Liability Insurance can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected if a claim is made against them. They will be able to concentrate on their task and provide the highest level of service to their customers.

   5. Assurance of the Maintenance of One’s Professional Reputation

The professional reputation of a consultant or freelancer can also be protected by purchasing coverage that provides Professional Liability Insurance. If a claim is made against a professional, the insurance company will make every effort to protect its professional position and defend its reputation.

   6. Cost-Effective

Having Professional Liability Insurance is an efficient and inexpensive way to safeguard your business from possible lawsuits. When compared to the potential cost of a lawsuit, which can be financially devastating for a contractor or freelancer, the cost of insurance is significantly less expensive.

   7. Protection Against a Vast Number of Different Charges

Errors, omissions, negligence, breach of duty, and other types of misconduct can all be covered by Professional Liability Insurance, which offers protection against a broad variety of claims. Due to the all-encompassing nature of this coverage, independent contractors and specialists are safeguarded against a wide range of risks.

Situations Where A Professional Liability Policy Can Be Beneficial

  • A software developer creates a program for a client, but the program doesn’t work as intended and causes the client to lose money. The client sues the developer for the financial loss they suffered.
  • A marketing consultant advises a client to run a particular advertising campaign. The campaign fails to generate the expected results, and the client sues the consultant for the money they spent on the campaign.
  • A graphic designer creates a logo for a client, but the logo is found to be similar to an existing trademarked logo. The client is sued for trademark infringement, and they sue the designer for financial loss or legal expenses.

In each of the aforementioned scenarios, professional liability insurance can be crucial. It can offer coverage for all client claims without triggering a serious financial crisis.

Setting yourself up for success is essential, regardless of whether you run your own company or are just working as a freelancer to supplement your income. Consultants and freelancers provide valuable services to their clients, but they are also exposed to potential risks and liabilities. Professional Liability Insurance provides essential protection against these risks and can help ensure that a consultant’s or freelancer’s business continues to thrive. You can keep doing what you enjoy because of the peace of mind provided by an insurance plan designed around your services. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to potential claims – invest in Professional Liability Insurance today.

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