Cottage/Seasonal Residence Insurance

What is the Cottage or Seasonal Residence Insurance?

Most homeowners see the value in investing in home insurance, but not as many consider the importance of protecting their seasonal spaces. If you own a cottage or another seasonal home you occasionally use, it’s still important to invest in cottage or seasonal residence insurance. This specialized form of insurance is designed to protect cottages or vacation homes that are only utilized occasionally. 

The insurance can be obtained as its own policy or often added to a typical home insurance policy as additional coverage that would still behave as one policy. Cottage or seasonal residence insurance is meant to cover properties that aren’t utilized all the time, and many times, the insurance is made to protect units near the water. Different insurance policies offer different levels of coverage, but they work well to safeguard your properties over time. 

This insurance is not required in many instances and is extra coverage you can purchase for protection rather than a typical home insurance policy. Seasonal residence insurance is often more affordable than home insurance. It comes with additional security that standard home policies don’t have while avoiding some of the protections from home policies that you wouldn’t benefit from in a seasonal location. This specialized insurance option was released long after original home insurance was made available, and it’s not nearly as common as home insurance is.

Why is Cottage or Seasonal Residence Insurance important?

Cottage or seasonal residence insurance is crucial because it protects against the unique scenarios that you’ll usually only encounter with a cottage or seasonal property. For instance, a seasonal property is more likely to suffer damage caused by bears  than the home you live in throughout the year. Having protection against  damage caused by bears  could help you make necessary repairs to keep the building in working order even if raccoons or bears get into your space. 

Seasonal residence insurance also offers protection against . It can also be used to safeguard against the loss of rental income if you rent the property out. You can add additional coverages for boats, docks, boathouses and other seasonal structures and extras you may have in the area. As opposed to standard home insurance, this coverage is meant to help with the issues you are likely to face as a seasonal property user. 

It’s also possible to customize your cottage or seasonal insurance based on the months of the year that you’ll use the property. You could save money and get a different package of protections by explaining to your insurance provider that you will only be using the property for a few months each summer and that it will sit dormant for the rest of the year. Invest in this insurance and safeguard against vandalism, fires, theft, animal damage and much more while taking care of the property that means most to you. This form of insurance is even more important if you rely on the property for income during the year. As a landlord maintaining rental properties, it’s essential to keep money flowing to sustain your business. Utilize insurance as a form of protection for your business to help you avoid downtime and serious financial setbacks that could injure your business permanently. 

Who is Cottage or Seasonal Residence Insurance made for?

These policies are meant to be for individuals who own seasonal properties such as cottages and will only be using them for a small portion of the year. The insurance doesn’t just work for individuals in this specific situation, though; there are others it can help as well. 

Business owners who have cottages they rent out for part of the year could benefit from this insurance. Investors can get additional income protections added to the policy to help them handle times when serious problems with the properties prevent them from renting the space and earning an income. 

While business owners and vacationing individuals are the two most likely groups to use this type of insurance, families share policies as well. It’s common for many family members to all pay toward a vacation property they share. This situation also works well for the different family members to put money toward a shared insurance policy. 

No matter how you use your cottage or seasonal property, investing in good insurance will protect you against severe issues and leave you with a vacation property you can enjoy for many years. It’s a serious investment to make, but when you put the money toward this endeavour, you’ll enjoy long-lasting protection and the safety that comes with good insurance. 

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your Cottage or Seasonal Residence Insurance needs?

If you have a seasonal property you want to protect, it’s important to invest in a cottage or seasonal residence insurance for it. It’s helpful to work with a company such as PAIB in order to secure your seasonal insurance with the best quality insurance for your needs. 

At PAIB, we offer local help while providing you with access to various quality national insurance providers from around Canada. That means you’ll enjoy friendly treatment and personalized support with access to the best providers available to you. We’ll give you access to top-quality insurance help and policies with reasonable pricing while taking the work out of the search process. 

Along with offering excellent cottage or seasonal residence insurance policies, we offer home insurance policies and watercraft insurance that will protect your investments no matter what assets you own. Work with our team of experts to get access to the best matching policies for you, and we’ll work to make sure you’re happy with your protection and the rates you pay as well. 


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