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What is PWC Insurance?

Owning a PWC or personal watercraft is an entertaining way to enjoy the waterways throughout Ontario, Canada. No matter how safe you are operating these devices, there is always a risk that you’ll be injured or the watercraft will be damaged as you use it. That’s why many owners invest in boat insurance policies to protect their pleasure craft. 

Personal Watercraft insurance, or Sea-Doo insurance, is an agreement between pwc owners and an insurance company that protects against the risks created by operating personal watercrafts. This insurance policy often covers the actual cash value of the watercraft specifically and will offer protection for any rider that uses it. The policies are specific to each watercraft  and the insurance coverage varies for each insurance policy. Hence, it’s essential to work with a knowledgeable insurance broker in order to obtain a policy that’s going to properly protect you and your loved ones as they use your PWC. 

There is always going to be some risk involved when using these high-speed devices. It’s important to note that Boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Canada, and some Sea-Doo owners don’t carry a policy on their watercraft. Avoiding a policy of your own may seem like a good way to save money each month, but it leaves you at risk and could cost you significantly more over time. There are many forms of boat insurance, and not all of them will be right for you. Different insurance products offer protection in higher or lower monetary amounts. You will also have to consider a change in policies to get coverage for your specific Sea-Doo. That’s why it’s so important to get expert advice on the subject to help you identify the policy that will meet your needs effectively. However, you will be protected and have peace of mind at the end of the day.

Why is PWC insurance important?

PWC insurance may not seem like a vital policy to have, especially since it isn’t mandatory to have in Canada but it’s an important investment. The liability coverage offered by these insurance policies helps you avoid covering the cost for watercraft repairs like mechanical breakdown, dock repairs, boat repairs, personal injuries, and for injuries suffered by others. 

Most sea doo insurance policies cover all of the following: 

  • Watercraft repairs
  • Bodily injury costs suffered by the driver
  • Injuries to others on the water
  • Property repairs for docks, houses, and other structures damaged by the watercraft

Without access to comprehensive personal watercraft insurance, you could find yourself with a damaged watercraft which would cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical or property damage costs. Accidents happen all the time, and you may be hit with a hefty bill on top of what your health insurance policy covers if you do get into an accident with your Sea-Doo. Such accident benefits might include money to meet expenses for hiring an emergency towing service or any other physical damage. Investing in a protective policy will help ensure that you aren’t faced with steep costs and would help you claim the insured value without getting into a  total loss.

When opting for a personal watercraft insurance policy, talk with your preferred insurance company agent about different coverage levels, accident benefits and what is and isn’t covered by the policy. Make sure you have appropriate insurance for your boat, any damage you might do, and any medical bills. Also, take the time to get familiar with any requirements for the policy and any limitations it may come with. For instance, most policies won’t cover a rider that operates a PWC after dark or around dusk. Keep these details in mind as you choose a plan and while operating your watercraft for best results. 

Who is PWC insurance made for?

PWC insurance is ideal for anyone that owns and operates one or more personal watercraft devices on a regular basis. Whether you’re an individual that owns one or more of these items, or you’re a business or family that has them, investing in PWC insurance protects you from the unexpected. 

PWC insurance is meant for recreational purposes in most instances, but there are some business owners that rely on personal watercraft devices. Whether you rent these devices to customers or you utilize them in your everyday business operations, it’s essential to insure each one if you’re relying on them for business purposes. 

Generally, Personal Watercraft Insurance is designed to cover a single watercraft. If you own many different devices, you’ll likely need multiple policies, or you’ll need to work with your broker to secure a single policy that’s designed to protect all your devices. The best insurance agents will help guide your insurance selections and help you cover all the watercraft devices you own. You may also be able to get discounts on your policy when insuring multiple devices.

PWC insurance is an optional coverage policy that’s good for personal and business use. It’s something to consider for anyone that owns a personal watercraft. Let this be one of many insurance policies providing you protection.

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance Ontario for your PWC insurance needs?

PAIB Insurance can help you obtain the most effective PWC insurance policy at a reasonable rate. We work with local insurance providers that specialize in different types of PWC insurance, and our PAIB specialists will help in connecting you with a provider that will get you the best coverage for your particular needs. By working with us instead of an insurance agent directly, you get access to a variety of top-tier policies and can find an option that combines excellent pricing with top-level protection. Don’t settle on the first insurance policy you see; let PAIB Insurance help you choose the best option available for you. 

We have established relationships with some of the leading firms that provide similar insurance products throughout the area, and we have access to excellent rates through our partnerships. Many of our customers who invest in PWC insurance also have motorhome insurance and boating insurance. These different policies help protect all your recreational products and give you the protection you need while on vacation or just enjoying the great outdoors. If you own one or more personal watercraft, and wish to learn about the policies that are available to you do get back to us. Get your boat insurance quote today!


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