Travel Trailer Insurance

What is Travel Trailer Insurance?

There’s nothing like journeying around the Canadian countryside and taking in the sights. Many people choose to camp while doing this, but those that want to travel in comfort choose travel trailers. Travel trailers can be large or small in size, but they offer a comfortable living space that keeps you on the road. These trailers pull behind a truck or SUV and can be quite expensive to purchase. This is why it’s so important to invest in travel trailer insurance. 

Travel trailer policies have been available in Canada for a few decades and are a much newer concept compared to auto insurance policies. Travel trailer insurance is a protective policy between you and an insurance provider that covers damage to your trailer, as well as any damage the trailer does to someone else’s property. If you’re traveling with your trailer regularly, you should really consider investing in one of these policies. 

You aren’t required by law in Canada to insure your travel trailer since you won’t be driving it, but you are putting yourself at risk if you travel without this insurance coverage. Some automotive policies offer a bit of coverage for things like trailers, but it’s not a good idea to depend on this coverage. You should consider adding a policy instead to ensure you have the protection you need. Different travel trailers require different levels of coverage, so it’s important to work with an expert when deciding on a policy and establishing the protection you need. With the right insurance, you can travel with confidence.

Why is Travel Trailer Insurance important?

Even though travel trailers come in a range of different sizes and costs, it’s important to obtain insurance on these accessories. Travel trailer insurance doesn’t just help you repair your trailer if it gets damaged for some reason; the insurance also protects you from having to cover the costs of damages or injuries that your trailer may cause. 

A quality travel trailer insurance policy may cover any of the following and more: 

  • Trees doing damage to the trailer with their branches and other parts
  • Fires that happen inside the trailer
  • A lost awning or other attachment because of wind or other outside sources
  • The trailer itself has been vandalized
  • Coverage for the other items that are being stored with and inside the travel trailer 
  • Total and cost coverage for all stolen property 
  • Roadside assistance to provide towing and other roadside help when the trailer has broken down or been in an accident 
  • Any expenses that are used for emergency expenses if you have broken down and need to stay in a hotel or anywhere else, as well as a rental. We have you covered.

Each policy is a bit different, and it’s important to look over the details of any policy you’re considering getting. When you work with the right professionals, you can completely protect yourself against potential issues with a travel trailer. 

Suppose you drive around without travel trailer insurance, which is entirely legal to do. In that case, you could lose all your belongings within the trailer, you could injure somebody with the trailer and get stuck with a pile of medical bills, or you could unknowingly cause significant property damage that you are liable to pay for. Any of these scenarios could cause serious financial harm to you, and they are all avoidable with the proper travel trailer insurance. 

Who is Travel Trailer Insurance made for?

Before investing in travel trailer insurance, it’s important to decide if it’s a worthwhile product for you specifically. This insurance is meant for any individuals, families, or businesses that own one or more travel trailers. Travel trailer insurance only covers a single trailer, so you will have to obtain separate policies for each of your trailers if you have more than one.

If you own a travel trailer, you are likely a good candidate for travel trailer insurance. This is especially true if you regularly pull the trailer or carry expensive items within the trailer. Many travel trailer policies offer some protection for the items found inside, which is good for users with expensive electronics and other items they keep inside. 

If you own a travel trailer and only keep it in one location for good, this type of insurance policy won’t be as valuable for you but could still be useful. A travel trailer that doesn’t move from its location could still be vandalized, damaged by severe weather, or malfunction and catch fire. As long as you care about your trailer, pull it regularly, or are potentially concerned about the items you keep within your trailer, you should invest in travel trailer insurance.

Once you decide to get this insurance policy, it’s time to talk with professionals about the specific policy you should invest in. There are many different options to choose from, and it’s up to you to choose the one that’s going to meet your needs best. 

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your Travel Trailer Insurance needs?

If you make the decision to invest in travel trailer insurance, it’s important to find a policy that gives you adequate coverage at a good rate. This is easier said than done and something you might struggle to do on your own. Here at PAIB Insurance, we connect customers with the best insurance providers in order to get them reasonably priced coverage that protects them at the right level. We have established relationships with leaders specializing in travel trailer insurance. 

By working with our team of specialists, you’ll be connected with the best policies for your needs. We look through policies provided by multiple companies and work to find you the best coverage for your specific trailer and use case. By working with our team, you’ll enjoy lower rates, extra perks, and some of the best travel trailer policies you can get today. 

We don’t just specialize in travel trailers, though, and many of our customers that get travel trailer insurance also obtain ATV insurance as well as utility trailer insurance for their other needs. If you require additional insurance coverage for the other items in your life, we can help you find the right companies to meet those needs as well. In fact, we might be able to help you obtain an insurance package that covers all your recreational vehicles in one place, and you could even qualify for discounts by doing so. Talk with our experts at PAIB Insurance and find out how we can help you obtain the best insurance coverage for your needs.


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