It is always a safe bet to take out a standalone motor home insurance policy as the majority of auto policies do not extend to the contents and personal belongings within the motor home, travel trailer or parked model trailer. Our expert brokers know the ins-and-outs of trailer insurance.  Let them help you to find the one that’s right for you.

With PAIB Insurance Inc., you can feel safe in knowing that you are receiving specialized coverage that is specific to your travel trailer and parked model trailer!

Benefits you can count on:

  • Flexible deductible options to help meet your needs and budget
  • The right coverages:
    • personal property
    • detached private structures coverage is included for sheds, decks and other buildings

    • emergency vacation expense coverage to help you return home after a loss

    • extended coverage available for people who live in their unit full-time
  • Guaranteed replacement cost available, which does not depreciate coverage on awnings, contents and detached private structures
  • Protect your claims status (claims do not affect the home or auto policy)

With standalone travel trailer insurance, you will receive comprehensive coverage to protect you from sudden or accidental losses including collision, fire, hail, windstorm, vandalism, and protection from the natural elements. Contact the PAIB Insurance Inc. experts today to discuss the policy that works best for you.