Builder’s Risk Insurance

What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder’s risk insurance is an optional form of insurance that protects the materials on a construction project. This insurance is useful for reducing the risk that your project will suffer from vandalism, worker mistakes, natural disasters and more. With every significant construction project, there are thousands of dollars worth of materials being moved around, and there is a good amount of risk that something can go wrong. With builder’s risk insurance, you get some level of protection for all of those valuable resources. There’s no guarantee that the insurance will pay for every mistake that’s made, but it will help with a wide range of problems. 

Builder’s risk insurance is offered at different price points depending on the value of materials it’s protecting. This means that customers that are protecting small renovation projects will only pay a small portion of what investors would spend on large-scale building operations. This fact makes insurance accessible to most people interested in protection for their construction projects. If you’re looking for assistance getting through a building project, it makes sense to invest in this form of insurance for a bit of added help. 

Why is Builder’s Risk Insurance Important? 

Builder’s risk insurance is an interesting form of insurance that not many people have experience with. It’s something that homeowners would likely never consider, even though it could benefit them dramatically. This special form of insurance is excellent at protecting the material investment that goes into a construction project. There’s a chance that could be damaged, stolen, misused or more during a building project. When these things happen normally, the person funding the project is asked to put more money toward it. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more on large projects and is a significant concern for most people paying for construction. Builder’s risk insurance is designed to prevent this issue or at least limit the damage it can cause you. 

Imagine spending $500,000 on a new house only to find out that $50,000 worth of materials got damaged between shipping and being left outdoors for too long because the project got delayed. There may be a way to get the transportation company to cover some of these costs if the business made serious errors. But, if you can’t prove that, you are left footing the $50,000 bill to replace those materials before construction can even happen. If you don’t have the funding for that missing money, the project will get delayed further, and you could incur additional costs as a result. One major mistake can have the tendency to grow and become even more damaging over time if you don’t take care of it immediately. That’s the benefit of builder’s risk insurance. It gives you the ability to remedy serious construction problems before the builder’s have the chance to add even more costs to your project. 

Who is builders’ risk insurance made for?

Builder’s risk insurance is a protective policy designed to help anyone running or funding a construction project. Whether you are a homeowner paying for significant renovations or for an entire house to be built, or you’re an investment company set up a new apartment complex, it makes sense to have builder’s risk insurance if you’re funding construction tasks. This insurance helps safeguard your investment, and it’s worthwhile to put money in as long as your investment is significant enough for you to be concerned about it going well. The following individuals will benefit from builder’s risk insurance if they’re currently handling construction tasks.

  • Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • School districts
  • Retail business owners
  • House flippers
  • Investment companies

If you fit into any of the categories listed above, you could likely benefit from builders’ risk insurance. If you have a significant construction project planned, you may want to consider investing in this form of insurance to lower the risks involved with the project and help ensure it gets completed without you having to spend more money. 

There are many different types of construction projects, and some have higher values than others. Whether or not you should invest in builder’s risk insurance is partly determined by the value of your construction project, but not in a huge way. Even low-cost renovations could benefit from this insurance; you just wouldn’t benefit as much as you would if you were running a massive building project. Either way, it makes sense to get familiar with the builder’s insurance and consider utilizing it if you are running or hiring outside for your construction project.

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your Insurance Product needs?

After getting familiar with builder’s risk insurance, you should understand the value of the different policies available. That doesn’t help with selecting the right insurer to work with, though. There are many, many options in Canada. That’s why it makes sense to work with a company such as PAIB Insurance. At PAIB Insurance, we connect customers with the most appropriate national insurance companies through our extensive network of providers. We have established relationships with some of the best companies throughout Canada, allowing us to offer more reliable advice overall. 

We make high-quality insurance options accessible and help you access more than just builder’s risk insurance policies. The customers we work with are impressed by how easy it is to connect with our recommended providers and for our professionals to know which options are best for them. When you don’t want to spend a long time finding the perfect insurance policy, it makes sense to work with our team. Many of our customers who get builder’s risk insurance also invest in commercial general liability insurance or home insurance through one of the companies in our extensive network. Reach out to learn how we can help you protect your investments more reliably and get the right insurance for your needs every time. We’ll help you meet the right insurance companies, and you’ll spend far less time researching as a result. 


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