Cannabis Liability Insurance

What is Cannabis Liability Insurance?

The Cannabis industry is still relatively new in Canada, and that makes it riskier to get into than many other types of businesses. The profit potential in this industry is impressive, which is why so many business professionals get into the Cannabis industry. There is a chance for things to go wrong when building this type of business, and one of the biggest concerns for any new business is potential liability issues. 

Running a full-time cannabis operation requires hiring employees to work for you, and it often means bringing customers into your locations as well. Whenever you involve other people in your business, there is a chance that someone will be injured in some way. When that happens, you will be liable for the medical costs and more in some instances. The worst thing you can have to happen to you is to get stuck with large medical bills as well as paying other damages after someone is injured at one of your locations. This is what cannabis liability insurance is meant to defend against, and that is what makes it a good investment for so many people. 

Cannabis liability insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a cannabis-based business that the insurance will cover most liability-based costs. Potential legal fees, medical fees and other costs associated with someone being injured or suffering from property damage as a result of the business operations would be covered by the insurance. There are exclusions with every insurance policy, but there are enough protections in place to significantly secure a cannabis business if the owner invests in one of these policies. 

Why is cannabis liability insurance important?

Running any business means keeping many different moving parts going over time without suffering too many major setbacks. It’s difficult to maintain all the necessary operations without running into major issues at one point. Even keeping a business in an established industry going is difficult to do, and the cannabis industry is new territory. When running a business, one major setback can be enough to collapse the company and send you back to the start. By investing in cannabis liability insurance, you can protect your organization from many common issues you would otherwise face. It’s worth investing in for most business owners because of the scenarios it helps you avoid. 

The number one benefit of cannabis liability insurance is protection against injuries. Medical costs add up quickly, and it only takes one employee or customer getting seriously injured on your property to shut down your whole operation. Imagine a customer walks into your shop and slips and falls. That customer ends up being paralyzed for life because of a serious injury they sustained in your retail location. Now you’re in a legal battle and looking at tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing medical costs, loss of wages and pain and suffering damages. All these costs keep piling up, and aren’t sure how to handle them. If you had cannabis liability insurance, you would be protected by your policy and may not have to pay much more than the deductible, depending on your level of coverage. While the scenario described above is unlikely, it does happen, and other businesses have been shut down for similar reasons. 

If you plan on running a cannabis operation in Canada, you need to have high-quality liability insurance to protect that operation. If you do end up needing the protection the insurance offers, you’ll be so glad you invested in it and that you have the protection it provides you with. 

Who is cannabis liability insurance made for?

It doesn’t matter what area of the cannabis industry you are involved in; cannabis liability insurance is an investment that protects you and your business. Invest in this protection for your company, and you’ll enjoy knowing that if someone is injured or another serious issue arises, you are protected. There are many different forms of insurance, and cannabis liability insurance is specialty insurance that only some people will benefit from. 

If you’re running a retail shop, a grow operation, a cannabis transportation business, a delivery company or anything else related to this industry, you should consider investing in this insurance. Talk with an insurance professional about which options are right for you and how you can protect your business over time, but you should certainly consider getting liability protection for your company before something goes wrong. 

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your cannabis liability insurance needs?

The cannabis industry is an exciting opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs looking to form new organizations, but it doesn’t come without risks. Like running any other business, there will be liability concerns while handling standard day-to-day business operations. Investing in high-quality liability insurance is the best way to protect against this issue. The right insurance to buy isn’t always obvious, though. This is why it’s so important to work with experts to determine which options are worth getting and what should be avoided. Take the time to get familiar with the different products yourself by working with different insurance companies or work with a broker to speed along the process. 

At PAIB Insurance, we are a leading insurance broker with connections with leading insurance companies from around the country. We work with our customers on a local level to make sure they have the information and the care they need to make the right business decisions. If you require cannabis liability insurance, we can help you connect with national insurance companies in Canada that offer the best insurance options for you. When you need another form of insurance protection, we have contacts for that as well. 

We work with customers that are searching for cannabis liability insurance, but that’s not all we can help with. We also assist customers in getting the right business liability insurance for their needs, as well as trucking mid-haul or long-haul insurance policies for businesses that rely on transport as part of their model. 


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