Short Term Rental Insurance

What is Short Term Rental Insurance?

As a homeowner, one of the things you can do to bring in extra money is to rent out part or all of your home. Some people rent out their homes all year round, but others rent their buildings out over short periods when they won’t be home. If you decide to rent out your home for just a few weeks or months, you should consider investing in short-term rental insurance. 

It’s a common misconception that your house is protected by your homeowner’s insurance policy even when you rent it out to others. The truth is that you may be leaving your home unprotected while other people are occupying it. Most homeowners insurance policies are designed to offer protection when you are living in your house. The moment you rent out the space, the policy may not offer protection any longer. That’s when things start to get dangerous. Without a policy, you are putting yourself at risk and you could end up suffering serious expenses as a result. 

Short-term rental insurance protects against this issue by giving you coverage for your home while other people are renting it. It’s similar to landlord insurance, but it’s designed with a higher risk tolerance as well. There is a greater chance of things going wrong when you rent to tenants for a short period of time. Doing this likely means you are renting to less reliable people and that you are renting to more people in a given period of time. Both of those things come with a higher risk overall. By getting short-term insurance, you safeguard yourself from these issues and can protect your home and your business over time. 

Why is Short-Term Rental Insurance Important?

Short-term rental insurance is a robust investment that’s necessary for anyone that is renting out a home or a business for a short period of time. Most standard rental policies don’t cover short-term rentals because they come with more risk than traditional rental cycles do. For that reason, it is important to invest in a short-term policy that protects your business over time. Short-term insurance can be more expensive and slightly more difficult to obtain, but there are many options available to choose from. 

Short-term insurance is vital for many businesses because it’s the only way you can get protection for your home, office building or whatever structure you are renting out. It offers liability protection as well as safeguarding the property itself from damage, theft and other potential issues. Different policies offer different protections, but there are so many different options that it’s beneficial to work with an insurance expert to help you identify the policy you should really have. 

Who is short-term rental insurance made for?

Short-term rental insurance is made for business owners, homeowners and anyone else that wants to rent out a property for a short period of time. If you’re planning on renting to tenants for just a few weeks or longer, investing in this insurance could be beneficial for you. Short-term insurance is a specialty form of insurance that’s available at many companies throughout Canada. These policies generally cost more than long-term homeowners insurance, but they provide more protection, and they give you some extra perks you can’t get with many homeowner’s policies. 

If you plan on renting your home or any property for a few months or less, it’s wise to invest in short-term rental insurance. There are generally limits on long-term rental insurance policies or commercial property insurance that will determine whether you can qualify for that form of insurance or not. If you can’t get a more traditional form of insurance for your rental property, you will want to opt for short-term rental insurance instead. There are many different providers you can work with to get this coverage, but it’s up to you to decide what you need and how much protection is right for you. 

Short-term rental insurance isn’t for everyone, and you will have to decide whether it fits your needs right or not. The best way to do this is by talking with an insurance expert about your different options and which is right. Spend time getting to know the different insurance options and work with someone at an insurance office to help you pick out the coverage that is going to safeguard your business. Consider the type of property, the type of tenants and how long you plan on renting your space each time in order to figure out which insurance policy is best for your needs. 

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your short-term rental insurance needs?

Short-term rental insurance is a useful policy type for anyone that’s going to be renting out space for just a short period of time. This insurance is meant to protect homes being rented out by owners as well as more commercial spaces as well. It’s the ideal solution for someone listing their property as a vacation property for other people to enjoy, and there are many different policies available through different insurance companies today. 

With so many different companies and policy options to sift through, it can be overwhelming deciding what to choose. Some people select the first policy from the first insurance company they work with, and this is a horrible option. Others research many different companies independently and choose the policy they like best, but this is time-consuming and overwhelming. There are others that work with a brokerage like ours at PAIB Insurance. We are a locally-based brokerage that connects customers with different national insurance companies based in different parts of Canada. The PAIB team works to give customers access to the most appropriate insurance policies for them. This is incredibly helpful for customers who aren’t sure which policies they should be going with.

Along with selecting short-term rental insurance from our team, many of our customers also consider options like the Landlord insurance and the bed and breakfasts’ insurance to cover their rentals as well. We offer access to a wide range of specialty insurance products, making it easy to get the protection you need.  



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