Fleet Insurance

What is Fleet Insurance?

Running a business with many different commercial vehicles is difficult to maintain and can be risky. There is always a chance you’ll run into issues with breakdowns, system failures, accidents and more. Between all the potential pitfalls, it’s simple to get hit with a major problems along the way.

Fleet insurance is a special form of insurance that allows businesses to protect all their commercial vehicles at the same time. This insurance option is available to any business with multiple vehicles, but it usually makes the most sense for companies with many different vehicles. There are other options available. Such as, the individual commercial vehicle insurance policies that give you the same protection at a lower cost, or that give you more control over the coverage that each of your individual vehicles has.

Fleet insurance is available with a variety of different coverage options to choose from. Some policies just offer liability protection, while others include things like collision, roadside assistance and more. You can even get policies that cover the major systems of your vehicles to prevent major breakdowns from seriously  impacting your business. It’s important to consider the different insurance options and to select the one that fits your needs best overall.

Why is fleet insurance important?

Fleet insurance is nearly a requirement for running a business that relies on many vehicles. These special policies offer protection for all your vehicles at a nice discount, and they simplify covering a large number of vehicles. Imagine trying to put an individual insurance policy on each of 50 different commercial vehicles at your business. Not only would it be overwhelming adding insurance to so many vehicles, but you would have to think about the level of coverage you wanted for each and manage all those different policies. 

Fleet insurance is a way for you to protect all the vehicles at your business without spending a lot of time managing it all. It’s simpler and faster plus something you can do quickly with help from an insurance professional. If you’re worried about how you’ll protect all your vehicles, or you want some help with managing it all, consider this insurance alternative instead of traditional commercial vehicle insurance!

Who is fleet insurance made for?

Running a business with many different vehicles, there is always an opportunity for failure as well. That’s why it’s so important to have adequate insurance coverage on a full fleet of vehicles. Fleet insurance is designed for business owners with many different vehicles they are responsible for. Without this insurance protection there is always a risk that things will go wrong. You could end up with so many different problems if you forgo this insurance.

Any business professional that has many vehicles to maintain and care for should invest in fleet insurance. If you have less than five vehicles in your company you could probably just use individual policies without much trouble. Don’t feel cluttered with numerous policies for each truck in the fleet. That’s why it’s best to just swap to fleet insurance when you can. You’ll feel better by making the swap and you can go ahead and enjoy the protection without all the complexity. It’s a good investment to get a policy, and that’s why mid to large business owners get one.

Small business owners that don’t have many vehicles should consider the major differences between fleet insurance and individual commercial vehicle insurance to help them decide which option is best for their needs.

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your fleet insurance needs?

Once you understand the value of fleet insurance, it’s easy to see why you should spend money on one of these comprehensive policies. Fleet insurance is flexible and powerful. It is a useful tool for protecting your company’s assets, but with flexibility, it makes choosing the right policy difficult to do. With so many options and extras available, you must work with insurance professionals to help you choose the features that will truly enhance your business.

Finding professionals you trust can be difficult, which is an issue we help resolve at PAIB Insurance. We are an insurance brokerage that works with leading businesses throughout Canada. Talk with one of our team members to learn how you can protect your business with fleet insurance through one of our partnering companies. We work to connect you with the best options available.

Instead of worrying about finding the best coverage overall for your commercial insurance needs, start working with us at PAIB Insurance instead. We don’t just offer our customers access to fleet insurance. Many of our customers use our services for car or truck insurance as well as commercial general liability insurance. We offer access to so many different policies to get the protection you need no matter what sort of business you are running.

Stop feeling overwhelmed about protecting your business and start working with the PAIB Insurance team to find the answers you need. You’ll begin to feel better about your options once you’ve examined them with our PAIB Insurance team members. Finding the right insurance that fits offers peace of mind you can’t get anywhere else.


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