Sports, Fitness and Events Insurance

What is Sports, Fitness and Events Insurance?

Sporting events are exciting and one of the main reasons both children and adults participate and watch sporting events. Running sporting events sometimes comes with risk, though, and many establishments end up suffering from excessive property damage costs, medical bills and liability lawsuits after hosting a sporting event. This is the whole reason that sports, fitness and events insurance exists.   

This unique form of protective insurance allows event hosts to work with insurance providers to protect against any problems that occur during sporting events. A lot can happen at this event, such as but not limited to:

  • Individuals are injured 
  • Players are harmed in other ways 
  • Your facility gets damaged in some way
  • If one of the coaches at the site behaves improperly and puts your facility at risk 

You can get coverage for all of those things and more with sports, fitness and events insurance.  

This unique insurance coverage is available through many different insurance companies, and it isn’t required anywhere in Canada. If you’re hosting a tournament or another sporting event, investing in this short-term insurance policy will protect you and help you go through the event without having any issues. These policies are all different, and the premiums plus the features you get are determined by the type of event you’re hosting. Talk over your options with an insurance expert, and then decide what coverage options you want for yourself and your venue. 

Why are Sports, Fitness and Events Insurance important?

It’s easy to see the value of sports, fitness and events insurance. The most common issue you’ll face is athletes getting injured, but there are many other potential problems you could face as well. For instance, attendees could become injured while walking around the facility or watching the event. If this happens, you would be at risk of a serious lawsuit that could cost your facility in a big way. With protective insurance, you won’t have to worry about most of those potential lawsuits, which is especially good for more severe injuries that occur at your location. 

Tournament or event insurance usually covers general liability concerns that come with hosting a major sporting event while also protecting against serious medical problems that may occur. You want coverage that safeguards against significant medical costs of athletes or anyone at your facility during an event; you can get that protection from sports, fitness and events insurance. 

Along with basic liability and medical coverage, it’s possible to get additional protection such as coverage for any directors or officers at the event, catastrophic medical protection and more. There are many options for you to consider, and it’s all the options that make this form of insurance useful.

Who is Sports, Fitness and Events Insurance made for?

There are so many different forms of insurance available that there may be a different policy that meets your needs even more effectively. This includes adding in sporting, fitness, and event insurance coverage.

Generally, this form of insurance is suitable if you plan on hosting a tournament, fitness contest or any public or private sporting event that will have many people attending. You could also use this insurance for other types of events. However, fitness and sports insurance usually covers equipment and other sports-event specifics that you won’t get with other insurance policies. You might not even use insurance with other forms of events. 

Consider this policy if you’ll be: 

  • Hosting a sporting event
  • Holding a tournament
  • Running a public event
  • Running a contest that has visitors compete
  • Hosting a major sports game or match

Many think these plans are designed with more significant events in mind, but they don’t have to be just for the major sporting events either. Even smaller tournaments and other contests can benefit from this insurance. Be sure to explain how many people will be at the event and what’s going to happen there when working with an insurance company. Fully disclosing this information is the only way to get the insurance needed to protect your event properly. 

As long as it seems like you’re running an event or another sports contest that fits the description of what this insurance is meant for, you should be able to get real value from using it. Consider different policies and use that information to help you choose insurance that will really work for you at the end of the day.

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your Sports, Fitness and Events Insurance needs?

Running sporting events and tournaments is an excellent strategy for local venues, but it comes with risks. It’s easy to see the benefit of holding sports, fitness and events insurance before one of these major events. The trick is finding a policy that meets your needs effectively, especially when this type of insurance is offered in so many different variations. 

We recommend talking with many different insurance companies on your own or working with an experienced insurance brokerage like us at PAIB Insurance. It can be difficult determining which insurance companies are best for your needs all on your own, but it’s simple when you work with an experienced broker. 

At PAIB Insurance, we offer local help to our customers while helping them connect with the leading insurance companies throughout Canada. We can connect you to the best company for sports, fitness and events insurance or help you find other forms of insurance as well. Many of our customers that invest in this insurance type also consider things like business liability insurance and short-term rental insurance. We offer access to some of the most popular forms of business insurance through our partnering companies and understand how to help you connect with the businesses that will help your organization the most. Don’t host a sporting event without coverage; work with the PAIB team and get the coverage you need today!



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