Motorcycle Insurance

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycles are enjoyable to ride, they’re an affordable means of transportation, and they’re pretty popular as well. They’re also dangerous to drive, and riding one means putting yourself at risk. If you’re riding a motorcycle around, you should have motorcycle insurance on it already with at least basic liability coverage. Motorcycle insurance is a protective insurance policy that covers the costs of damage and injuries to other people because of something done on your bike, at the very least. Different insurance policies have different levels of coverage. Still, they are designed to cover the damage to the motorcycle itself or what the motorcycle does to people and property during an accident.

If you want the perfect motorcycle insurance policy, you will have to look through different options available to you and choose the one that fits your needs best. Motorcycle insurance has been around for more than a decade, though it was released later than standard auto insurance was. Motorcycle insurance offers different levels of protection depending on what you want to spend and how safe you want to keep your motorcycle and yourself. 

If you have an active loan on your motorcycle, you likely are required to hold an insurance policy with liability and collision protection on it as well. If you don’t have a loan, you could get a more affordable policy with less protection on it. It’s up to you to determine what sort of motorcycle coverage you have, but you should always try and maintain insurance on your bike if you’re going to ride it at all. Without any insurance, you leave yourself exposed if something goes wrong. 

Why is Motorcycle Insurance important?

Insurance is created to protect you against unexpected scenarios that don’t occur often. Motorcycle insurance is meant to protect you and the people around you from cases where motorcycles get into accidents, get hit by other objects or are damaged in some other way. Without motorcycle insurance, you leave yourself open to potential lawsuits and could face serious repercussions if anything goes wrong while you ride. 

Imagine getting into a motorcycle accident and injuring another driver in the process. If you were the reason the accident occurred, you would be held liable for the medical costs of the other person as well as yourself, and you will be expected to pay for any property damage you did as well. These are all things your insurance would cover for you if you’re holding the right policy. If you aren’t holding motorcycle insurance at all, you could be sued for the other individual’s medical costs and property damage costs. You could even be held responsible for any lost wages the person suffers from if they are out of work because of their injuries. It’s easy to see how the costs can add up rapidly, and you could be left holding a staggering bill if you aren’t adequately covered. 

This same scenario could happen a million different ways, but you want to make sure you have active motorcycle insurance when things go wrong, no matter how it happens. With the right coverage, you won’t have to worry about worst-case scenarios, and you won’t get stuck holding a massive bill. That’s the benefit of investing in quality motorcycle insurance. Take the time to work with a professional provider so that you can determine which policies are best for your needs. 

Who is Motorcycle Insurance made for?

Motorcycle insurance is made for individuals or businesses that own and operate motorcycles. If you use a motorcycle regularly, you could benefit from having motorcycle insurance. Anyone that rides motorcycles on public roads must have motorcycle insurance with at least liability coverage. 

Any individuals that own motorcycles could benefit from motorcycle insurance, and those that use their motorcycles would get even more value from the insurance. Motorcycle insurance comes in different varieties and with different focuses. Some policies focus on protecting bikes that don’t get used often, and others are meant for the motorcycle owners that ride daily.

When talking with insurance experts about getting motorcycle insurance, explain what type of motorcycle you have, how you use your bike and what you want protection from. The more descriptive you are about what you want and need, the better the insurance you will end up with.

If you own motorcycles or plan to get a motorcycle, invest in high-quality insurance to protect your investment. With access to the right insurance, you’ll have protection against damage to your bike, any potential injuries to yourself or others, and property damage.

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your Motorcycle Insurance needs?

There is a lot of value in having motorcycle insurance, but some policies are better than others. Finding the policy that fits your needs best can be challenging, especially if you aren’t an insurance expert. That’s why many people buy the first policy they see. This isn’t the way to go and can lead to paying too much or getting inadequate coverage for your motorcycle. It’s better to work with a broker like us at PAIB Insurance. We work with national insurance companies from all over Canada and help interested customers get access to the most suitable insurance policies. When you work with our team, you’ll enjoy local representation and convenient customer service with access to relationships with some of the best national insurance companies from around the country. We’ll help you find the best company for motorcycle insurance, and we can help you with other insurance needs as well. Many customers that seek out motorcycle insurance also get ATV insurance and motorhome insurance. We have access to the best providers in a range of different insurance categories and can help you find the best options for all your insurance needs. Talk with one of our representatives and learn about your insurance options and how we can help protect your assets.


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