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We know that choosing insurance coverage can be tough. You may not know what type of coverage is right, or even what to add on. You want the coverage to match your budget, and don’t want to worry about not having enough coverage. We get it!

We are here to soften that blow and the decisions you have to make regarding any commercial or personal insurance options. Here are some of the things you can keep in mind while doing some shopping around.


Always Maintain Your Vehicle

This can not only prove to be a great lifesaver in the event of an emergency, but it can also cut back the costs of insurance. The more updated and safer the vehicle that you drive is, the less you’re going to spend insuring it and keeping it on the road.


Consider Extra Safety Measures

Whether you are going to be getting auto insurance or home insurance, make sure that you install safety measures in the area. When the vehicle or home can be easily locked up and extra measures are put in place to protect as much as possible, insurance agencies will cut you a deal and give you a discount.


Go for a Higher Deductible

Don’t go so high that it is not affordable should something happen, but definitely go higher than you normally would. You want to give yourself enough cushion to cover the costs, and lower the overall premium costs that you are spending.


Getting Car Insurance for the First Time

If you are considering auto insurance and this is your first time, or if you are insuring your child under your policy then remember that the costs are going to increase. This is because first time drivers are considered higher risk than other types of drivers that you would find on the roads.

This is something that a parent who is putting a new driver on their policy should be aware of. Make the most of the insurance you put on your vehicle.


Compare Companies and Plans!

When shopping for coverage, make sure to choose a company based on the type of care and service you’re going to get. Find a company who works for you. They should personalize the policy to your needs. They should care about working with you and offer one-on-one service and support.

When choosing a company, do not choose them based on the price you are going to pay for the coverage. This is not an ideal way to go about it. You get what you pay for. Insurance is not something you want to cut back costs on. It is what protects you and your family.


Tell the Truth About Your Situation

When getting insurance, you need to make sure you are fully, actually covered. This means telling the truth about everything you are having covered or need to have covered. You might want to save money but come to find out they won’t cover it because of a small white lie made or when something was not disclosed properly.


Upgrade Your Policy Later

You have the option to upgrade your policy and coverage at any point when you have it. When you are ready to get more coverage than, you can add to the one policy that you have. This is great for when you want to have something covering you in the event of an accident, but you might not be able to cover a lot of the costs. Just cover and get what you can and then come back later and make sure to add everything else.


Take the Time to Re-Evaluate Your Coverage

Each year you want to take the time to re-evaluate the type of coverage you have. If items become broken, damaged, or missing; the right coverage matters. If you had the coverage before the item, then chances are, it most likely wasn’t protected in the policy. You can add unprotected items while reviewing your coverage.


Defensive Driving and Mindful Driving

Taking a defensive driving course is able to not only save you money, but also provide valuable information. This type of course is crucial when it comes to saving cash on insurance because they see that you have taken the time to learn how to be safer while on the roads. 

Practicing mindful driving techniques is another way that you can save money on car insurance. If you are able to drive safely for a number of years, the insurance company will usually provide a cut on the insurance costs for you. This will save you money when it comes to actually having to pay everything off. Plus, you can reduce your risk of accidents when you are being mindful and practicing safe driving.

Whatever the case, it is important to make sure and speak with a qualified, professional broker. Our brokers are able to provide further advice and information regarding the different coverages and plans we have available. Never leave your life to doubt. Make sure to have the coverage you need and want with help from us.

Call PAIB Insurance today. We’d be more than happy to set something up to speak with you further!


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