Surety Bonding Insurance

What is Surety Bonding Insurance?

Not many business owners are familiar with surety bonding insurance. It’s an agreement that gets an insurance company to back a contractor or service provider. Included in this agreement is that the insurance provider essentially vouches for the contractor and co-signs for the work that is performed. 

This form of insurance isn’t popular or well-known, but it is required for some public works projects. There is an extensive process required to obtain surety bonding insurance, and insurance companies require certain conditions to qualify. Suppose you’re seeking this type of backing for your business. In that case, you will have to provide the insurance company with financial statements, a portfolio of your work, customer reviews, and more to prove you run a legitimate and high-quality business.

An insurance company will only agree to surety and bonding insurance if it appears that you are a reputable contractor offering a high-quality product. That’s why this type of insurance is so useful to those who use it. If you can obtain the insurance, clients you work for should feel more comfortable working with you and hiring you to work on more difficult projects. This insurance isn’t always required, but it’s good to have the insurance that sets you apart if you want to work on better projects. Contractors, builders, and other professionals should consider obtaining this insurance from a national company. Having surety and bonding insurance is a good step towards obtaining more exciting projects and becoming a more prominent business owner.

Why is (are) Surety Bonding Insurance important?

As a contractor, surety and bonding insurance is (are) important because it conveys to your clients that you’re serious and reliable when it comes to business. With this insurance, you’ll find it easier to obtain new projects, work on larger projects, and showcase your reliability overall. It’s easy to show off an impressive portfolio of work, but it’s more challenging to prove that you’re dependable. This insurance is ideal for that reason. 

As a client working with a builder or another contractor, surety and bonding insurance is essential because it offers you an additional layer of protection if something happens to the project. If the project is never finished or finished very poorly, you can go through the insurance provider to get some or all of your money back or help fix issues that occurred with the project. This insurance won’t resolve every problem you have with the project, but it can take a significant failure and turn it into something manageable.

Any contractor that wants to work on major public projects or work with major investors will have to invest in this insurance and go through the process required to obtain it. It will take time to get the insurance, but you’ll find it easier to run your business and obtain projects that will take your business to the next level. 

Who is Surety and Bonding Insurance made for?

Surety and bonding insurance is great coverage to have that enables contractors and other providers to offer their services with more certainty. This form of insurance essentially says that you are backed by a powerful company and that the provider has a high degree of success. If you want to prove that you are a reliable contractor or business expert, paying for surety and bonding insurance is an excellent way to make your point immediately. 

Surety and bonding insurance is often required on public works projects, which means having this form of insurance will open up work opportunities for you in a dramatic way. You’ll have access to far more projects and will be able to tackle more complex and larger projects. This insurance isn’t always cheap or straightforward, but your clients will feel better about working with you and you can often use it to secure larger projects.

If you don’t provide services to other people or businesses, you likely won’t benefit from surety and bonding insurance in any way. 

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your surety bonding insurance needs?

Surety bonding insurance is an excellent investment if you’re a contractor looking to work on more lucrative projects. Having the insurance won’t find work for you or guarantee that you start making more money, but it is one additional tool available to you to prove that you’re someone worth hiring. Obtaining this insurance can be tricky, though it’s important to be backed by a reputable insurance company.

Many customers looking to get coverage with surety bonding insurance decide to work with our team at PAIB Insurance to accelerate this process and help them obtain insurance from the best providers. We can help you find the best coverage because we maintain relationships with national insurance providers throughout Canada. We are an insurance brokerage and can connect you with the most reliable and user-friendly providers offering surety and bonding insurance. 

When attempting to obtain a form of insurance that’s so difficult to obtain, finding the right company to work with the very first time is essential. When you go through the extensive process of being approved for surety and bonding insurance with the company we recommend, you’ll be able to use that insurance for a long period of time. Along with surety and bonding insurance, many of our customers also obtain builder’s risk insurance for protection on major construction projects and commercial general liability insurance to help manage the risks of running a business. We offer access to insurance companies that provide most commercial and private insurance policies and can connect you with the best options for your specific needs. Talk with the professionals at PAIB Insurance and learn what options are available to you. In one short meeting, you’ll know which insurance companies to work with and overall be one step closer to gaining the right insurance policy to protect you and your business. 


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