Cyber Insurance

What is Cyber Insurance?

Modern businesses rely on technology, computers, and are running operations over the internet today more than ever before. Digitizing your business is an excellent way to reduce costs and remain competitive against rivals offering similar services. Handling operations through the internet does put your company at risk as well,  There are many risks that involve losing valuable customer information. Any issues like this can cost you money or damage your reputation. 

Whether you’re selling products online and accepting credit card payments through a website, you’re housing customer information in a database, or you’re running your business through other methods that use technology, you are at risk. This is why cyber insurance is designed to protect against. 

Cyber insurance is a form of liability insurance that protects your business from issues that your company may experience due to improperly handling information or setting things up online. Losing credit card information to hackers is a perfect example of this. This is why cybersecurity is popular today and why many businesses are beginning to use this protective feature. Not everyone needs this insurance, but if you run a modern business and most of your operations are online, you could benefit from this protection. 

Cybersecurity is one of the newest insurance offering types available today, and it is a powerful investment that many modern business owners should make. If you handle your operations online, or at least partially online, spending a bit on this type of insurance is a great decision. 

Why is Cyber Insurance Important?

Running part or all of your business online today means you are vulnerable to hackers and anyone that’s looking to damage your business using technology. You also have to be aware that accidental problems you cause while using the internet could lead to lawsuits. This is why it’s important to have cyber insurance. With a good cyber insurance policy, you are protected against hackers and online mishaps that occur when handling customer information and fulfilling transactions online. 

Cyber insurance protects against lost customer information and stolen credit cards. This insurance also protects against potential defamation, loss of service costs, data destruction, extortion and more. Other companies could benefit from your insurance as well.  Running a business today is difficult, you have to embrace technology to manage things effectively. Be sure your operations are safeguarded by an insurance policy so that you won’t have to worry about hackers and other cyber issues you could face in the future. Imagine the cost to your business if your database was hacked and sensitive information was spread throughout the internet. The wrong information can ruin a business if spread around, or a person’s private and financial information could be made available in some instances. When your business loses control of that important information, you could be held responsible and face serious lawsuits as a result. When you have cyber insurance, you are protected against these issues, and your insurance policy would pay the lawsuits as long as they’re related to your handling of technology. 

Who is Cyber Insurance made for?

Unlike other business insurance types, cyber insurance is a specialty product that’s only useful for certain types of businesses. Many businesses today rely on technology to function properly, but some companies that do make use of technology don’t require cyber insurance to protect themselves. It depends on how you run your operations and what sort of risks you face when running your business online. If you’re handling sensitive information all the time and you’re opening up the risk of having very valuable information stolen by others, you need cyber insurance to protect you. 

If your business uses very little technology, or you utilize technology without storing or transferring valuable information at all, you may be able to get by without using cyber insurance. Just be aware of the risks that come with running your business online and make sure you aren’t putting yourself at high risk by running your business without this insurance coverage. Many different business owners are okay without this form of insurance, but many companies would benefit from holding cyber insurance. 

Cyber insurance is an affordable specialty insurance policy that makes it easy for you to protect your business’s online presence and any customers you have. This insurance policy is a good deal for most companies, and if you run most of your operations online, you will likely spend more on your premium, but you will be protecting your business even more in the process. 

Why should you choose PAIB Insurance for your Insurance Product needs?

Cyber insurance isn’t a protective product that everyone needs, but it’s a tool that some people should consider investing in. If you decide you want to protect your company using cyber insurance, take a moment to look through your options before you choose which company to work with. You can consult with the professionals at PAIB Insurance for a look at the most popular and effective policies available today. We are an insurance brokerage and we help customers connect with businesses that meet their needs best. If you need cyber insurance that’s going to protect against lost credit card information, we will connect you with the best cyber insurance provider. 

We don’t just offer cyber insurance either. Many of our customers invest in other insurance policies like fleet insurance or landlord insurance to protect their businesses differently. There are many things that can go wrong when running a business; thus, it’s important to get all the protection you need. Talk with professionals at PAIB Insurance and learn about our different insurance connections and which providers offer the most in terms of value and insurance solutions. 


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