Parry Sound Tenant Insurance: What is it and Who Needs It?

Parry Sound Tenant Insurance: What is it & Who Needs It? - PAIB Insurance

Parry Sound Tenant Insurance: What is it and Who Needs It?

Jul 20 2022
PAIB Insurance

Do you need to take care of a property that you don’t own? Beyond property upkeep and furnishing, one of the biggest advantages of renting is having a lot less responsibility towards the property. After all, that’s what landlords do, right? They’re responsible for major building repairs and renovations, particularly after a disaster in Parry Sound.

Tenant Insurance in Ontario: Deconstructing the Myth

A lot of renters perceive very minimal obligations towards their living space. As a result, many renters neglect to take out a tenant insurance policy for their apartment. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common myths that many renters believe—and a costly one when a disaster occurs. It may surprise you to learn that without tenant insurance, you’re left on your own to replace what you’ve lost, or cover any damages that you are held liable for.

The best way to mitigate these risks is by having tenant insurance. An affordable tenant insurance coverage helps you take care of your rental home, and provides utmost peace of mind with coverage for everything that you own.

Let’s find out more about tenant insurance and how it helps renters like you in Parry Sound.

What is tenant insurance?

In the simplest terms, tenant insurance provides coverage for everything that you own and bring into your rental home. It’s a separate coverage for the contents of your apartment, as well as your personal liability.

Landlord Insurance vs. Tenant Insurance

In the event of a fire, break-in and theft, or a windstorm in Ontario, your landlord’s insurance will cover structural damages to the building, including your unit. It may also enable your landlord to replace appliances provided as part of the lease.

Coverage for Contents

However, the extent of your landlord’s insurance coverage ends there. The rest is up to—replacing the furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing and even valuable assets like collectibles or art that were lost in a fire or accident. 

Contents coverage is one of the most vital aspects of tenant insurance, and you’ll be glad to know that it’s affordable and accessible. Simply, it’s up to you to protect everything that you own in your rented home.

Liability Coverage

As a tenant, you’re responsible for keeping your apartment safe and avoiding damage to it and your neighbours. This means, it’s vital to follow basic house safety, like turning off the stove when not in use to prevent fires. If you neglect this and an extensive fire spreads to other units, you may be held liable for these damages.

Tenant insurance helps prevent this by providing you with liability coverage. If you are held liable and your neighbours file a lawsuit against you for their losses, your liability coverage can cover the cost of legal fees and damages.

Other Coverages Under Tenant Insurance

There’s more to tenant insurance than the contents of your rented home and third-party liability. This affordable coverage also comes with other financial protections for when you’re on-the-go, living elsewhere during repairs, and replacements. Find out more:

Belongings Outside of Your Apartment

Did you know that home insurance policies like tenant insurance also cover belongings you take with you? Aside from contents coverage during a disaster, you can also claim losses of personal belongings when you’re on-the-go. For instance, if your purse gets stolen along with your smartphone and computer, tenant insurance can cover these losses as long as they are declared along with the value of your apartment’s contents.

Additional Living Expenses

Tenant insurance does more than cover the contents of your apartment lost in a fire, as well as damages to the unit that you were held liable for. Your coverage also includes additional living expenses, such as short-term hotel stays, food, and other necessities while your apartment is under repair. This ensures your well-being after a devastating disaster.

Replacement Costs

Similar to covering the contents of your home in the event of a disaster, tenant insurance also provides replacement coverage. For instance, if you came home to broken down appliances that caused damage to contents like food, tenant insurance can cover the cost of replacing these, to avoid increasing your household expenses.

Is tenant insurance mandatory in Ontario?

Let’s set the record straight. The short answer is, tenant insurance is not mandated by Ontario law. However, with the various coverage options listed above, it’s clear that tenant insurance provides significant financial security and peace of mind in the face of a devastating disaster.

Many landlords across Ontario are also increasingly encouraging and requiring their tenants to have insurance. This provides landlords with a guarantee that the damages to the unit you’re renting will be covered. Similarly, if you agreed to obtain tenant insurance as part of your lease agreement and you didn’t, this gives your landlord grounds to terminate the lease and file a notice of eviction.

Most importantly, tenant insurance ensures that everything you own will be covered in the face of a disaster. Think about this way: your landlord’s own insurance policy will help them rebuild your apartment in case of fire or other damage. But would you have the resources to make it livable—a true home—without the financial coverage provided by tenant insurance?

Get Affordable Tenant Insurance in Parry Sound from PAIB Insurance

Are you a renter in Parry Sound? Ontario law might not mandate tenant insurance, but living in a place that you don’t own means that you need to protect yourself all the more. Tenant insurance offers utmost peace of mind and financial security that allows you to protect everything that you own in your rented home, as well as yourself in case of damages caused to your neighbours or the building.

That’s why at PAIB Insurance, we’re dedicated to protecting renters in Parry Sound and across Ontario with affordable tenant insurance. With coverage options obtained from various providers and quotes compared, we can recommend the best coverage for your needs and budget, so you can get the protection you need, at the most affordable rates.

Not sure if you need tenant insurance? Learn more about this essential coverage and why you need it. Contact PAIB Insurance today for the most affordable tenant insurance rates in Ontario.

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