Items You Should Bring With You To Your Collingwood Cottage In The Winter

Items You Should Bring With You To Your Collingwood Cottage In The Winter

Jan 13 2023
PAIB Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Using Your Cottage In The Winter

Getting ready to hit the slopes and curl up by the fire at your Collingwood cottage this winter? Before you hit the road, it’s important to be prepared and ensure you have packed everything you will need to enjoy your cottage this winter season.

Not quite sure what you need to bring? Keep reading to learn more.

Can I Use My Cottage In The Winter?

While Collingwood cottages are often used for relaxation during the warm summer months, many cottage owners retreat to their vacation properties in the winter to partake in winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling (or just curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.) No matter how you use your cottage, it’s important to ensure that your property is equipped to handle the seasonal weather. 

If you want to use your Collingwood cottage during the cold winter months, you should only do so if it is a three-season cottage that has been properly winterized. 

This means ensuring the cottage has:

  • proper all-season insulation
  • a heat line installed
  • an appropriate heat source
  • utilities that are suitable for all-season living
  • properly insulated pipes to prevent freezing
  • upgraded windows and doors

If your cottage meets these criteria then you can continue to visit your property during the winter months.

Why Winterizing Is So Important

Winterizing your cottage is critical if you plan on visiting in the winter for so many reasons. For instance, winterizing helps to: 

  • Prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting
  • Prevent leaks and moisture damage
  • Ensure you stay warm while visiting
  • Prevent mould, mildew, and rot
  • Prevent other issues that could lead to costly repairs in the spring

Items You Should Bring To Your Collingwood Cottage This Winter

Along with ensuring that your cottage is properly winterized, it’s important to arrive at your cottage fully prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

That being said, anytime you plan on visiting your Collingwood cottage in the winter, make sure you have the following items on hand:

A Generator

In the event that a winter storm knocks out your power, you will need a generator to stay warm and prevent your pipes from freezing. 

Winter Gear

This goes without saying, but if you are visiting your cottage this winter and plan on spending time outside enjoying winter activities, it’s important to make sure you are properly dressed for winter conditions. This means packing the following:

  • Winter coat
  • Hat, mitts, scarf, etc.
  • Warm socks
  • Clothing items for layering
  • Winter boots
  • Snowshoes
  • Skis
  • Snowboard

Enough Food to Last Several Days

In the event that you get trapped due to a major snowstorm, make sure you have enough extra food to last several days. To air on the safe side, stock your cabinets with lots of non-perishable food items so you don’t have to worry about spoilage.

Extra Bedding

Your thin summer quilt is no longer going to cut it now that temperatures are dropping down below zero degrees. Make sure you have a warm duvet along with some extra blankets to keep you warm on a cold winter night. Also, don’t forget to pack your warm, winter pyjamas!

Headlamp and Reflective Gear

Now that the sun is setting before dinner time, it’s important to make sure you are visible to drivers and other cottagers if you plan on doing any winter activities after dark. This means wearing a headlamp and a reflective vest or other reflective items.


Many cottages in Collingwood are heated by a wood stove, so it’s important to make sure you have enough firewood to keep warm when the temperatures get really low. Even if your cottage doesn’t have a wood stove, you may need firewood to build a fire in the fireplace for extra warmth. Make sure you have an accelerant as well to get the fire started. 

Emergency Blanket and Flashlight

Always have an emergency blanket and flashlight in your pack in case you get lost while out doing winter activities. Once darkness sets in, the flashlight will help you navigate while the emergency blanket keeps you warm until you find help or reach your destination. 

Cottage Insurance

No matter what season you plan on visiting your cottage in, cottage insurance is an absolute must-have. Cottage insurance helps to protect against a variety of unfortunate circumstances unique to cottages in Collingwood. It can also be customized based on your specific needs.

Along with general claims regarding damage to the cottage itself, cottage insurance can also cover any of the following:

  • Damage to your cottage caused by bears
  • Loss of rental income if you rent your cottage
  • Damage to boats, docks, boathouses, and other seasonal structures
  • Personal liability in the event that a guest is injured on the property

How much you can expect to pay for your cottage insurance depends on numerous factors, such as how many months a year you plan on using the cottage. Other factors include:

  • How close your cottage is to essential services like fire stations, hospitals, police stations, etc. 
  • Whether your cottage has certain features like a hot tub, pool, fireplace, wood stove, and firepit
  • Whether your cottage is all-season
  • If your cottage has fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, a security system, etc. installed
  • What type of electrical wiring does your cottage have
  • Whether or not your cottage is rented out to short-term tenants
  • How many days/weeks/months a year your cottage is unoccupied

No matter when you decide to enjoy your Collingwood cottage, always make sure your property is protected through cottage insurance. Not sure what kind of policy you need? Not to worry. At PAIB Insurance, our team of cottage insurance experts will sit down with you and get to know a bit about you and your property so they can find you a policy that best matches your needs. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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