How To Find The Best & Cheapest Car Insurance in Ottawa

How To Find The Best & Cheapest Car Insurance in Ottawa

How To Find The Best & Cheapest Car Insurance in Ottawa

Apr 25 2022
PAIB Insurance

Every driver knows that roads and highways in Ottawa and across Ontario are paved with risks at every mile. Whether it’s accidents or weather conditions, there’s a lot to watch out for every day that you’re behind the wheel.

Car insurance is designed to protect you from these risks. And while it’s the law in Ontario to carry the right coverage, it’s more than that. Simply, it’s good sense to protect yourself and your car from losses in case of accidents. It only takes one crash to change your life forever—and you wouldn’t want to get caught unprepared for losses, like extensive property damage, liability to other drivers, injuries, lost income, and more.

With all of these in mind, it’s clear that you need car insurance to drive in Ottawa. Now the question is, how do you find the best coverage for your needs? Find out how in this complete guide to getting the right car insurance that protects you at every mile.

Shop Around: Compare Insurance Policies

The first rule of finding car insurance in Ottawa—shop around and know your options. As one of the most essential insurance coverages, there is absolutely no shortage of car insurance providers, policies, and coverage options.

Pro Tip: Consider an Insurance Broker

With so many choices to consider, it can be overwhelming to do this all on your own. Here’s where an insurance broker can help. They work with leading insurance companies and can quickly access the latest policies and coverage options.

An insurance broker can provide you with various car insurance options and recommend the best policy suited to your car’s make and model, your everyday mileage, driving history, and other factors. Rather than get quotes based on these factors by yourself, an insurance broker can do that for you and help you compare policy options and rates. This way, you get the best car insurance coverage, hassle-free.

Check Reviews for Insurance Companies

Who’s your car insurance provider—and how many other drivers do they serve in Ottawa? Before choosing a policy and coverage options, it’s worth checking out who’s offering them and what other drivers have said about their experience.

An insurance broker can help you sort through these ratings and reviews and consider these as you choose between insurance companies, and select your coverage options. By looking at trusted recommendations, you’ll be confident in your choice of insurance policy, which can protect you and your car on the road every day.

Unlock Hidden Savings on Car Insurance

Car insurance is an investment in your everyday safety on the road. But no one ever said it’s free. In fact, many drivers balk at the cost of their car insurance policy and hesitate to get the most comprehensive coverage (against better judgment). The good news is that there are lots of ways you can save on car insurance in Ottawa, starting by getting preferred rates from groups you’re part of.

  • Professional associations
  • Your employer or union
  • Alumni or student associations
  • The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Bundle Your Insurance Coverage

One of the most common ways to save on car insurance is to bundle your coverages. Many insurance providers offer bundles, allowing you to save on the most important protections for your life.

The most popular choice is home and car insurance bundles. By insuring both your home and car with the same insurance policy, you get twice the coverage for a single payment. Similarly, if you own multiple vehicles, you can bundle their coverage on a single car insurance policy.

Tailor Your Car Insurance Coverage

Car insurance isn’t—and shouldn’t be—a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution. Every driver and their car is unique, at various levels of risk on the road. Your car insurance in Ottawa should reflect that.

Start by knowing the basics of your car insurance policy and recommended additional coverages you may need based on your lifestyle, driving habits, needs, and budget. All car insurance policies come with standard coverage for accident benefits, third-party liability, and direct compensation for property damage.

But depending on your everyday drive, car, and the risks you face, additional coverage is worth considering, such as collision or upset, comprehensive coverage, and specified or all perils coverage to ensure complete protection. Tailoring your coverage to your needs ensures that you’re fully protected for the road ahead.

Invest in Your Safety on the Road

In the long run, you’ll find your premiums going up and down, depending on your driving record, the condition of your vehicle, and other factors that impact your safety on the road. To keep your premiums consistent and save on car insurance, you can do a lot to show your insurance provider that you’re a good driver. Check out these discounts for technology and safety:

  • Winter tires
  • Anti-theft device, such as a car alarm, engine immobilizer, and steering wheel lock
  • Dashboard camera
  • Enroll in safe driving courses, and more.

Get Car Insurance in Ottawa with PAIB Insurance

Want to learn more about getting the best and most affordable car insurance in Ottawa? At PAIB Insurance, we’re your insurance brokers: we’ll get you the coverage you need, so you’re protected on the road every day.

From comparing quotes and policy options to checking reviews and recommending road safety tips, we’ll help you drive safely and confidently with the right car insurance in Ottawa. Discover your options for car insurance from leading providers, and unlock savings and discounts, so you’re always protected with the best and cheapest coverage.

Drive safely in Ottawa, with confidence that only comprehensive car insurance coverage provides. Talk to our insurance brokers at PAIB Insurance today to get a quote.

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