Get Your Tenant Insurance ONLINE from the Comfort of Your Home!

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Get Your Tenant Insurance ONLINE from the Comfort of Your Home!

Dec 8 2016
PAIB Insurance

Quick there has been a flood…
you are a tenant and find out the landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your belongings!
You’ve now lost everything and it’s three weeks to Christmas.


At PAIB Insurance Inc. we know how crazy life can be.  We know you can’t leave work whenever to go fill out paperwork but we also know how important coverage is.  Keeping that in mind we created an online resource, unique to us, that will allow you to click through and complete the necessary documents to obtain immediate coverage without leaving your home, or the rink or pool for that matter.  You can complete the process and receive the binding agreement within a few minutes of payment right in your inbox! How’s that for convenience?

At PAIB Insurance Inc., we want to welcome you into the family and protect you and your belongings like our own.  We have developed an online tool that will allow you to get a quote, pay and receive binding documents all from the comfort of your home! When it comes to unforeseen negative events, taking advantage of the preemptive measures provided through our coverage will be your best bet in terms of your own self-preservation.

Let’s quickly explain what tenant insurance is. 

Your policy will cover you against all common causes of loss such as fire, smoke, wind storms, vandalism, and theft.  Our policy is unique in that it keeps you in control.  Coverage is tailored to protect what is most important to you.  Pay only for the coverage you need and nothing more. That’s the PAIB Advantage.

  • Protect your belongings and your liability
  • Up to $100,000 in coverage for your content
  • Choose between $1M or $2M in liability coverage
  • Optional extras to tailor the policy for your special items and/or special needs
  • Includes coverage for your items even while outside your home
  • Affordable protects for as low as $19/mo.

How much coverage do you need?

Take a quick scan of your home and imagine what it would cost to replace everything in each room – your furniture, your electronics, your clothing, and more.  In the majority of the instances, it’s a good practice to budget approximately $10,000 for your primary living spaces and bedrooms, with $5,000 acting as a safe estimate for most of the other rooms in your home.

So what are you waiting for??

Visit and get your coverage NOW

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