7 Tips for Enjoying your RV this Winter in Thornbury

7 Tips for Enjoying your RV this Winter in Thornbury

Dec 17 2022
PAIB Insurance

People often put their RVs to rest for the winter when temperatures drop and snow accumulates, but with a bit of foresight, it’s not hard to enjoy your RV this winter. 

Head out for a trip to Thornbury in your camper to appreciate the beauty of the snow-covered Blue Mountain slopes, the icy shores of Georgian Bay, and cute boutiques along Bruce St. 

To help you prepare for your trip we have compiled some essential RV travel tips for your winter trip to Thornbury. The first tip is to head into the trip prepared with the best Thornbury insurance. If there is room for improvement in your motorhome insurance, the expert brokers at PAIB Insurance can help you find the best rates for the most relevant coverage. 

1. Have a Plan for Water

Water is obviously very important, but when the temperatures dip below freezing, your water systems can quickly become a nightmare. 

If you are on a short trip in your RV, then just keeping your water jugs full, your heater running, and your gray water tanks empty might be enough to get by. If you are relying on this, make sure you disconnect your freshwater hose and make sure you have extra propane for your heater.

If you are planning a longer trip, you might want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider a heated water hose
  • Wrap your hoses in heat tape if you don’t have a heated water hose
  • Heat cables come in handy for making makeshift heated hoses or for heating things like your refrigerator condenser
  • Keep sewer hoses flowing downward
  • Keep gray water and black water gate valves closed when not in use
  • Allowing a small drip from your faucets can do a lot to help prevent freezing

2. Check Your Insulation

If you haven’t already gone the extra mile with your RV’s insulation, now is the time to do it. The better your insulation, the easier it will be to keep your camper and plumbing warm. Consider adding insulation like skirting under your RV as well to help prevent water tanks from freezing.

Here are some simple tips for improving your RV’s insulation for your winter trip:

  • Check the seal on windows and doors 
  • Add window coverings like window film or reflective foil
  • Use heavy drapes and curtains around the windows and between the cockpit and camper
  • Insulate the flooring with foam boards, heavy rugs, or carpet

3. Take Care of Your Engine

Enjoying your RV this winter isn’t just about staying comfortable, it’s also about making sure you can get home! 

Before you head out, check your batteries for corrosion and make sure they are fully charged. Batteries are less likely to die in the cold if they are more than half-charged off the bat. 

Also, make sure your antifreeze is topped up with the correct concentration of antifreeze and water. You’ll need at least 50% antifreeze. 

If temperatures are expected to get especially cold, consider investing in an engine block heater. These are meant to warm up your engine before starting, and they should run for 3-4 hours before starting in really cold temperatures. 

4. Consider Back-Up Heating Systems 

Before your trip, you should check your furnace to make sure it is in good condition. You might even want to get it looked at by an RV repair technician. Also, if this is your first winter trip, you might be surprised by how fast you go through propane. Plan accordingly and bring an extra tank if possible.

In addition to checking your furnace, you should consider investing in additional propane and have extra blankets handy, just in case.

5. Don’t Forget About Moisture Control

Remember that your bodies and many heating methods add moisture to the air inside your camper. Condensation build-up in the engine or pipes can cause erosion, and moisture inside your camper can cause mold to build up in unwanted places.

To combat this moisture, consider adding a dehumidifier and try to keep your space well-ventilated as much as possible.

6. Seal Small-Openings

When the temperatures drop, you aren’t the only one looking for a warm space to relax. Mice and other small rodents will try to squeeze into any opening they can. Do your best not to let them in by sealing off any small openings with steel or brass wool. 

7. Cover A/C Units and Vents

Your A/C units will just be a leak for cold air to enter into your RV. Using an insulated cover for your A/C can help prevent drafts. 

Your vents on the other hand are going to be essential for reducing the moisture in your RV, and you’ll want to be running them frequently, especially when cooking or showering. Adding a vent cover will let you keep your vents open in any weather, without snow or rain entering into your trailer.

Protect Your Camper With Thornbury RV Insurance

Don’t head out for your trip without making sure your RV is adequately covered in the event of an accident. PAIB Insurance is an Ontario-based insurance company that can help you find the best motorhome insurance for your RV for the cheapest rates.

Our licensed brokers will help you understand the best options for your Thornbury RV insurance, so you can rest easy in your camper during your trip to Thornbury. 

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