250km of Great Trails to ATV while in the Kawartha Lakes

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250km of Great Trails to ATV while in the Kawartha Lakes

Oct 26 2022
PAIB Insurance

Lakeside views, rocky terrains, and vast greenspace—the trails don’t get better than in Kawartha Lakes. With 250km of great trails to ride on and the largest multi-use system within just 90 minutes of the GTA, it’s an ATV haven for the most adventurous of riders. From serious riders to day trip and weekend enthusiasts, the lush landscape of Kawartha Lakes welcomes all.

Thinking of making a weekend jaunt across the Kawarthas? Before you fire up the engine on your ATV, it’s worth planning out the most scenic route possible. It’s the best way to fully experience the beauty of the region and take on some of the most challenging, but rewarding terrains. And as part of planning your trip, it’s also a great time to check your ATV insurance in Kawartha Lakes, so you’ll be all set to hit the road.

So, are you ready to ride up to Kawartha Lakes? Let’s take a quick tour of the great trails to ride with your trusty ATV.

ATV Riding in Kawartha Lakes: An Adventure for Every Rider


Ride Through History

With intersecting railway beds, wetlands, vast greenspace, and historic sites, Kawartha Lakes is the perfect weekend getaway and home to the most adventurous spirits. For ATV riders, this means the freedom to discover new terrains and chart your own adventure.

Wondering what makes Kawartha Lakes one of the ultimate ATV riding destinations? From small, picturesque towns with historic sites like the Olde Gaol Museum in Lindsay and the Horseless Carriage Museum and Mayboro Lodge Museum in Fenelon Falls, to the Austin Samwill and Model Railway and Museum in Kinmount and the vibrant communities of Bobcaygeon, Stoney, Buckhorn, Chemong, Sturgeon, and more, you’ll never run out of sights to see. In fact, it’s worth riding all the trails for a unique experience each time.

A Complete Getaway

ATV riding in the Kawartha Lakes is a complete experience. With many trails starting in Fenelon Falls, the railway bed that runs from the beach all the way to Kinmount greets riders new and returning with a captivating view of the lake. Here, you can rent a cottage along the trails, or ride further north to Log Chateau Park to settle in the campgrounds.

And more than the breathtaking views and the thrilling terrains, you’ll also get to see nature up close. The trails are teeming with wildlife, such as bears, deer, moose, coyotes, and more, providing you with an intimate peek into Ontario’s wilderness.

250km of ATV Trails in Kawartha Lakes You Don’t Want to Miss

Ready to ride? Explore the Kawarthas’ trails—over 250km of various terrains designed for every rider, now yours to discover. Plan ahead for a great ride with everything you need to know about each trail:

1. Victoria Trail Corridor

A breathtaking 85km trail that links Kinmount to Bethany, traversing through Fenelon Falls and LIndsay, the Victoria Trail Corridor is one of the most popular paths across the Kawarthas. With the trail divided into 3 sections, it’s easily accessible at various points, so you can ride as much as you please and experience the best of nature at every bend.

2. Somerville Forest Tract

Known for its 3 loop trails—the Pinery, Marsh, and Millennium Trails, the Somerville Forest Tract is exactly as it sounds: an adventure deep in the forest. Ride through pine plantations, wetlands, hardwoods, and rock outcrops, and experience the thrill and full power that your ATV was made for. Soon, Somerville will connect through the north trail corridor all the way to Minden, making this forest ride a gateway to even more adventures.

3. Five Points System

Taking you around north and east of Bobcaygeon, and parts of Buckhorn Gooderham, and Kinmoint, the Five Points System welcomes riders at various levels. Here, you’ll ride through both private properties and crown lands, with numerous access points to roadside attractions, restaurants, and the scenic picnic area of Picard Lake and Concession Lake. Plus, with a link to the Victoria Trail Corridor, you can easily take on 2 trails in one weekend adventure.

4. KATVA Junction

Maintained by the Kawartha ATV Association, the KATVA Junction is a 104-acre landscape with wooded areas, wetlands, ponds, and ridges, set against the Canadian Shield. The trail is also a central access point for the Five Points System, offering members a gateway to twice the adventure across challenging terrains. Soon, it will also be home to more scenic views and trails, such as switchback trails with an easy slope and bench trails.

5. Hog’s Back

Classified as a special category trail, Hog’s Back is an up-and-coming trail with access points under development. Just south of Omemee leading to Bethany, Hog’s Back is a challenging intermediate trail that leads to the West Rail Trail towards the Ganaraska Trail System.

Before You Go: Safety First with ATV Insurance from PAIB

The Kawarthas’ extensive trails are easily the region’s crown jewels—and a true haven for ATV enthusiasts. But before you ride, it’s important to remember the number one rule in every adventure: safety first.

Reading this guide and getting to know the various trails in Kawartha Lakes is crucial to riding safely and staying on track. It’s important to know the access points, what the terrain is like, and whether it’s good for your level. Then, make sure to check your ATV, get a full tune-up, and review the basics of riding on trails, including traffic rules and required permits.

Get ATV Insurance for Riding Through Kawartha Lakes

Most importantly, don’t leave without ATV insurance coverage. Along with taking necessary safety precautions, it’s the best way to ride safely and make sure you’re protected during your weekend adventure in Kawartha Lakes.

At PAIB Insurance, we provide the ATV insurance coverage you need in case of accidents, disasters, and damage, so you’ll have the help you need to get back on your feet and ride again, safely and confidently. Our insurance brokers are here to help your ride through the Kawarthas with full protection for yourself and your ATV. Browse coverage options and make sure your policy is active before you ride.

Ready to ride? Get on your ATV worry-free with comprehensive insurance coverage for every ride. See how PAIB Insurance lets you embrace the spirit of adventure on every trail Kawartha Lakes.

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