10 Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance in Barrie

10 Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance in Barrie - PAIB Insurance

10 Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance in Barrie

Jun 10 2022
PAIB Insurance

It’s the law to carry auto insurance in Barrie and across Ontario—and quite frankly, good sense to protect yourself and your property in the face of life-altering accidents. But it’s also no secret that there is a cost to insuring your car, and more with comprehensive coverage.

The cost of car insurance shouldn’t stop you from getting the coverage you need to protect you and your vehicle on the road. And while it’s not exactly easy to skip out on insurance, some drivers have resorted to cutting corners on essential coverage, rather than pay the right amount that adequately covers their vehicle and the risks they face. Meanwhile, others just pay the rising cost of premiums without comparing quotes from various auto insurance providers in Barrie, causing them to miss out on valuable savings.

Auto insurance shouldn’t be unaffordable, but your coverage amount must also be adequate. So, where does that leave you? Unlocking hidden savings in auto insurance that you didn’t know about. Find out how to save on auto insurance, and drive safely and fully covered in Barrie.

Ways to Save on Auto Insurance in Barrie

Ready to bring in the savings? It’s time to start counting all your new savings from the right auto insurance coverage. Follow these tips for saving on your premiums without sacrificing your safety.

1. Know your auto insurance coverage

Whether you’re a new driver or have years behind the wheels, it pays to know how auto insurance works. You’ll be surprised to learn about just how many ways you can save on premiums by learning about and demonstrating your commitment to safety. Start by completing a certified drivers’ education class.

2. Talk to an insurance broker

How’s your search for auto insurance in Barrie going? Are you doing all the work of getting to know providers and reviewing different policy options on your own? You shouldn’t have to. A licensed insurance broker in Barrie will help you do this work and offer expert advice to help you get the best coverage. And while they’re at it, they’ll also tell you how to save while getting the coverage you need that fits your budget.

3. Compare insurance quotes

Do your homework. Don’t get the first auto insurance policy you come across. There are a lot of auto insurance providers in Barrie, so you definitely have your pick. It’s even easier to do with an insurance broker, since they work with various providers across Canada. With all of these quotes in one place, you can easily compare them and select the best one with maximum savings.

4. Embrace your age

Many people shy away from revealing their real age the older they get. But as a driver in Barrie, it’s actually in your best interest to embrace your age and maturity. It’s never been anything to be ashamed of, especially that older, more experienced drivers with a clean record tend to get lower auto insurance rates and discounts.

5. Choose your car wisely

Are you in the market for a car? It’s the best time to shop around for an auto insurance provider who can offer the most savings based on the car you select. When shopping, don’t just choose the car that costs least to insure. You may be surprised to find out that auto insurance costs less for a newer, more expensive model. With advanced safety features, auto insurance providers perceive lower risk, making coverage more affordable.

6. Increase security and road safety

Aside from built-in safety features, there are also measures you can take to make your car safer on the road. You can use after-market security devices, such as steering wheel locks and alarms, to reduce your risk of vandalism and theft. Similarly, install winter tires to reduce your risk of collision in the winter. These measures incentivize auto insurance providers to lower your premiums, as the increased security means it costs less to insure you.

7. Be smart about your driving habits

How often do you drive? Higher frequency and more mileage mean confronting more risks on the road on a regular basis, which increases the cost to adequately insure you. So, think about how much you drive, and where you live and travel to regularly. Rather than driving anywhere—and sometimes necessarily—be smart about your commute. For example, if you know you’ll just be sitting in traffic much longer, make arrangements to ride your bike or take public transit, and save the drive (and gas) for when you really need to.

8. Drive safely

It’s no secret that auto insurance premiums go up when you get a ticket or conviction. Insurance providers raise your premiums in response to mounting risks and the increased cost of keeping your vehicle secure and functional. The best way to avoid this is by driving safely and following the rules of the road. Slow down and follow traffic regulations to prevent accidents and rollovers—and see the positive impact on your auto insurance premiums.

9. Opt for a higher deductible

The higher your deductible is, the lower your auto insurance premium. And with a clean record and safe driving habits, you’re at low risk of accidents. So even when you do need to make a claim, the one-time payment for the amount you’ll have to shoulder based on your deductible still offers more room for savings in the long run.

10. Bundle up

And finally, the most time-tested way to save on auto insurance: bundle it up with your other insurance coverages. If you own multiple vehicles, put them on the same policy, or bundle your auto insurance with your home insurance coverage with the same provider. Your auto insurance provider in Barrie will offer generous discounts, leading to savings.

Save on Auto Insurance in Barrie with PAIB Insurance

Ready to save on your auto insurance coverage? PAIB Insurance is here to help. Our licensed insurance brokers are your companions for the road in Barrie and across Ontario. From getting quotes and comparing them to managing your policy and unlocking new ways to save, we’re here with you, at every mile. With PAIB Insurance, you’re guaranteed your choice of auto insurance provider in Ontario and expert recommendations for saving.

Want to save on auto insurance in Barrie? Discover the ultimate savings from PAIB Insurance, your new and trusted auto insurance provider. Start saving today when you call a PAIB Insurance broker.

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