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Your business insurance offers significantly legal protection, but it may not be adequate in certain scenarios. You may want more coverage if a costly lawsuit is launched against your company. Fortunately, commercial umbrella insurance is designed to provide this critical coverage.

From liability coverage to business property, our PAIB insurance agents can tailor a policy that delivers the rates you’ll appreciate with the protection you need in Timmins. Call 1-844-360-5300 today.

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What Is Umbrella Insurance?

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

What Is Not Covered in Umbrella Insurance?

Who Should Buy Umbrella Insurance?

What’s the Cost of Umbrella Insurance?

When Can You Add Umbrella Insurance?

What’s the Difference Between Excess Liability Insurance and Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

If I work from home, do I need extra coverage?

PAIB Insurance: Best Independent Umbrella Insurance Broker Timmins

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

You’ve worked hard to stand out from your competition, making your business a unique enterprise. Given the fact that your products and/or services may be similar to those of your rivals, each company faces unique loss exposures. When it comes to protecting your business, you need the same degree of personal dedication that you put into it, and PAIB Insurance delivers.


Umbrella insurance is a supplement to a business insurance or business owners insurance (BOP) policy’s general liability coverage. Umbrella policies often begin with $1 million in coverage limitations. If required, you can add further business umbrella insurance on top of that.

Essentially, business umbrella insurance supplements your current liability coverage. If your business gets hit with a large lawsuit and your general liability coverage limit is reached, your umbrella insurance will step in to assist pay the remaining expenses up to the policy’s level.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is not the same as a primary insurance policy. Its backup insurance kicks in after your primary policy’s coverage limit have been reached.


Suppose that one of your workers is involved in a car accident while making business deliveries. The accident expenses from property damage and bodily injury damage surpass the liability limit on your business vehicle insurance policy because your employee is at fault. You would have to pay for such charges out of your business funds if you didn’t have commercial umbrella coverage, putting your company in danger. Another alternative is to use your personal funds, which puts your financial stability at risk.

You won’t need to select either option if you have commercial umbrella coverage. Commercial umbrella insurance may cover liability expenses that exceed the limits of the underlying liability coverage. Contact PAIB Insurance broker to determine your unique needs.

What Is Not Covered in Umbrella Insurance?

Some insurance claims are not covered by a business umbrella insurance policy. A business property insurance policy, for example, cannot be combined with a commercial umbrella insurance coverage.

What Is Not Covered in Umbrella Insurance

Suppose that an office fire causes damage to company equipment. Without the help of a business umbrella insurance policy, you would have to pay for these losses with your commercial property insurance.

Who Should Buy Umbrella Insurance?

In general, the more business interactions your organization has with clients and consumers, the higher its liability risk. And the dangers are amplified if your staff work with large or dangerous equipment. Both of these sorts of firms might benefit from commercial umbrella insurance to increase their liability limits.

insurance needs-umbrella-policy-medical bills.

Other scenarios include a company that operates on someone else’s land or one that welcomes visitors during working hours. It raises the likelihood of bodily harm claims if customers may visit your company throughout the day. Working on someone else’s property offsite increases the danger of property damage. These are two compelling reasons to get business umbrella insurance to provide additional liability protection.

What’s the Cost of Umbrella Insurance?

The cost of commercial umbrella insurance is determined by the quantity of coverage you pick and the degree of risk that your company faces.


One approach to saving money on a business umbrella coverage is to pay the full price in advance. Making monthly payments may be convenient, but you’ll end up paying more in the long run. If you have the funds, you might pay your business umbrella coverage in full.

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When Can You Add Umbrella Insurance?

Are you wondering what types of liability insurance may benefit from an addition of a business umbrella policy? Employer’s liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, hired and non-owned car insurance, and general liability insurance are all viable options.


General liability insurance safeguards your company against a variety of claims, including physical injury and property damage claims brought by clients and consumers. Copyright violation, reputational damage, and advertising injury are among the others

Commercial auto insurance covers the vehicles you utilize for your company, including automobiles, trucks, and vans. A personal car insurance coverage usually excludes the use of automobiles for commercial purposes. That is why getting liability coverage from a business vehicle insurance policy is crucial.


Employees who rent or use their own automobiles for business reasons are covered by hired and non-owned auto liability insurance. If you are renting a vehicle at work or driving your own car for work, you must get hired non-owned auto liability insurance since any driving you conduct for business will not be covered by your personal insurance policy.

Employment practices liability insurance protects your organization from claims brought by your workers.

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What’s the Difference Between Excess Liability Insurance and Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Excess liability insurance may extend one of your underlying liability insurance policies by providing extra liability coverage. Excess liability insurance, like commercial umbrella insurance, comes in when an underlying insurance policy’s liability limitations are reached and provides extra liability coverage.

A single underlying policy, such as a general liability insurance policy, is covered by an excess liability insurance policy. A business umbrella insurance policy may supplement various liability insurance plans by providing extra coverage.


Small businesses often choose general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance. You can also think about these other liability insurance options:

Defence expenses and damages for claims made against a company’s executive or director are covered by directors’ and officers’ liability insurance.

Fire legal liability insurance protects you if you are judged to be responsible for a fire in a place you rent or lease.

When alcohol is distributed throughout the course of commercial activities, liquor liability insurance protects a firm against harm claims. For a restaurant or bar, this is a smart insurance choice.

If I work from home, do I need extra coverage?

Umbrella insurance may be necessary, depending on the nature of your home-based business. This coverage may be necessary if your company has especially dangerous activities or if you let customers/clients into your house or otherwise work with them in person. An independent insurance agent like PAIB insurance may assist you in determining whether or not you need umbrella insurance.

PAIB Insurance: Best Independent Umbrella Insurance Broker Timmins

Various insurance companies provide business umbrella insurance, and dealing with an independent insurance agent is the best way to discover the right carrier for you. PAIB insurance brokers know which carriers to recommend based on business dependability, pricing, and other factors and may make educated recommendations.


While many insurance firms may be able to supply you with business umbrella insurance, your ability to get coverage may be limited by where you live.

When it comes to assisting insurance clients in finding the best business umbrella coverage, no one is more qualified than PAIB Insurance. Our insurance brokers conducts in depth research on companies that supply business umbrella insurance, then give quotes from various sources and guide you through them to get the best combination of coverage and price.

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