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Your home is typically your most valued possession so protecting it against unexpected events makes perfect sense. Fire, flood, and burglary can happen to anyone, and home insurance can assist you in replacing and rebuilding what you have lost because of an unfortunate event or natural disaster.

Most mortgages mandate home insurance to protect the lender’s financial interest in the event of damage to your house. PAIB Insurance has established strong relationships with Timmins residents for years, and our commitment continues to provide the best coverage to protect our customers across Timmins, Ontario.

Our other insurance services include:

Table of Contents

  1. Insurance For Your Home: What Exactly Is Covered?
  2. Is It Expensive To Insure Your Home?
  3. Timmins Home Insurance: FAQ
  4. Why Choose PAIB Insurance For Home Insurance?

Insurance For Your Home: What Exactly Is Covered?


Home insurance policies often offer financial protection if the property’s physical structure and its contents are destroyed or damaged because of any of the following:

  • Bursting pipes
  • Earthquakes and/or tsunamis
  • Falling objects such as trees
  • Fire and explosion
  • Lightning strikes
  • Storm and rainwater

Flood insurance, accidental damage coverage, and electric motor burnout coverage are frequently available as add-ons but can significantly increase premium rates. Additionally, you may get legal liability insurance to protect yourself financially against claims of bodily injury or property damage on your home’s premises.

You can work with one of the experienced teams at PAIB Insurance to find the right insurance package to protect you in case of any of the above-mentioned events.

Is It Expensive To Insure Your Home?


Home insurance costs are affected by numerous elements, including the type of coverage you choose (building, contents, or both), the amount of coverage you choose, and whether or not you want to add additional coverage (flood and accidental damage). The location of your property and the characteristics of your home, as well as your claim history, can all have an impact on the cost of your insurance coverage.

As these factors might differ greatly from policyholder to policyholder, it is impossible to offer an accurate estimate of how much a homeowner’s insurance premium will cost.

What To Look For While Buying Home Insurance?


If you have a mortgage you will need home insurance to cover the cost of reconstructing your property in the event of severe damage. Usually, the cost of reconstruction is not equal to the worth of the residence, depending on the damage.

However, it is the contents coverage that accounts for the majority of premium differences between policies. As with financial goods, the devil is in the details when comparing plans from insurance companies. The most important metric to consider is the amount you would get to replace all of your things (if you lost them all).

If you live as a couple or you live alone, the minimal level of insurance – often around $30,000 – should be sufficient. The majority of families will require additional coverage, often $70,000 or more.

If you have precious goods, be sure to mention them, and if you have a large collection of antiques or artworks, seek expert brokers like PAIB Insurance to get you the best available insurance to protect your family’s needs.


Following that, you must compare deductibles, or the amount you must pay toward the repairs, replacements, and so forth for which you are claiming. These vary significantly, with the cheapest insurance frequently having the largest deductible.

There is no point in purchasing a smaller insurance policy only to discover that the deductible is so large and the maximum payout is so little that claiming is pointless. Verify that the deductible is affordable and makes sense with your budget.

Timmins Home Insurance: FAQ


Let us take a look at the frequently asked questions our insurance agents encounter every day. If you have a question that you do not see below, please reach out to PAIB Insurance and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

Do PAIB Insurance offer home insurance cover in Northern Ontario?

Is my freestanding garage covered by home insurance?

Can I insure a second home?

My home is used for business, what type of insurance do I require?

Do you offer insurance for landlords?

Do you provide auto insurance?

Which is the best home insurance provider in Timmins?

Do you offer insurance for the whole family?

Our committed staff pride themselves on providing you with excellent service while creating an insurance plan to meet your specific needs. Contact us now to insure your home in Timmins today.

Why Choose PAIB Insurance For Home Insurance?


Professional Service! Honest & Clear Advice! Several Quality Insurers!

At PAIB Insurance, we have a wide variety of home insurance policies that will give you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to protecting your castle—and it won’t cost you your kingdom.

When you hire PAIB Insurance, the top-rated home insurance broker in Timmins, we consider your particular needs and make sure your claims are processed fairly.


Additionally, we make sure you read the product disclosure agreement (PDA) provided, which outlines what your policy covers and what it excludes from coverage. We ensure that you understand the product disclosure statement (PDS), especially if you have any concerns or require clarifications.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we perform annual policy reviews to ensure that they are receiving the best product and price for their needs.

Save your money and valuable time by comparing home insurance quotes with PAIB Insurance. We will research insurance companies for you and provide honest and clear advice for the best deal. Start today!
During this pandemic, we continue to place a high priority on the health and safety of our workers, clients, customers, and communities, and we are available to assist you by phone or email.


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