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When you start a business that functions with n number of vehicles, taking insurance would be an expensive strategy. Fleet insurance in Timmins is a savior that helps your company save some money and also cover the insurance needs.

Fleet insurance

What is fleet insurance?

What is fleet insurance

Running a business involving different commercial vehicles is risky and difficult to maintain. The fleet insurance provides protection against costly outcomes and also provides uniformity. For example, being in a service associated with vehicles, there are chances you will run into various issues like accidents, system failures, break down, and much more. There can be similar issues you will undergo along the way.

Fleet insurance VS Auto insurance

fleet insurance VS auto insurance

Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance allows one to take over commercial insurance all at one go. This insurance is available to any business that deals with multiple vehicles. There are other smaller insurance plans like auto insurance plans which cover insurance for individual vehicles.

fleet insurance - PAIB

Auto insurance

The auto insurance plan covers the protection at a lower cost in comparison to the fleet insurance which helps in coverage against a number of vehicles., but has its own risks, where you are responsible for factors like vehicle usage and the driver’s history.

Fleet insurance and coverage options

Fleet insurance and coverage options - PAIB

There are many coverage options under fleet insurance in Timmins. This insurance covers the insurance features of all commercial vehicles like how personal insurance covers the personal vehicle. Few of the insurance quotes just the liability protection whereas few other options cover roadside assistance, collision, and more.

There are several plans under the vehicle insurance, which need to be selected as per our requirements. The insurance companies in Timmins ensure that the policies cover all the major requirements of a vehicle to prevent any major loss in your business.

What does the fleet insurance in Timmins cover?

What does the fleet insurance in Timmins cover

Fleet insurance covers the insurance of all commercial vehicles just like how personal vehicle insurance covers the insurance of a vehicle. The insurance covers :


In case of accidents the fleet insurance helps in covering the damage caused to the automobile, also helps in coverage of the repair charges, and in getting the automobiles in good condition to run on the road. Even if the cost is beyond repair or the automobile has gone through property damage to a greater extent or any of the vehicle parts need a replacement, this insurance helps to protect.

Accidents causing bodily harm:

Accidents causing bodily harm

The accidents where there is physical harm to a person or anyone in public, fleet insurance takes over a part of the legal costs. This also applies if the affected one is an employee or driver of the particular company.

However, the company doesn’t sponsor any medical bills or doesn’t insure any other costs with respect to life-threatening issues or bodily harm. For that requirement, additional coverage should be purchased.

Who needs fleet insurance?


This commercial insurance is the best coverage option for a business that owns more than five transport facilities in Ontario, Canada. This includes the heavy vehicles that are used for long-distance travel or for transportation of goods preferably, large trucks.

This insurance also covers a company that deals with families moving house or commuting from one place to another in Canada, or firms that deal with package deliveries, etc.

Does the fleet insurance in Timmins apply only to bigger firms?

Does the fleet insurance in Timmins apply only to bigger firms

The size of the company doesn’t play any relevant role in this, but there are few restrictions on what the vehicles are used for or how the vehicles are used for. If there are more than five automobiles, and if they are for commercial purposes, then the fleet insurance covers them.

Smaller firms that don’t have many vehicles in their custody can opt for personal auto insurance. However, they can contact the insurance broker for the best advice.

Does this insurance cover personal vehicles?

If there are personal vehicles in your firm other than commercial vehicles, it should be discussed prior with the insurance broker of the company. The insurance broker is well versed in rules and regulations corresponding to the requirements. They will also help in preparing a basic quote as how much to be paid before we finally come to a conclusion.

PAIB Insurance Inc

PAIB Insurance Inc and its role

PAIB Insurance inc and its role

Even though fleet insurance is powerful enough to protect your company’s assets, there will be times when we are confused over choosing the right policy. There will be concerns regarding if the insurance is trustworthy, whether it will truly be protecting the company assets. This can definitely be resolved through PAIB insurance inc.

How does PAIB insurance work?

How does PAIB insurance work

This is an insurance brokerage that works in an established way in Ontario and throughout Canada. Where trust comes into existence, PAIB services come as a savior. As our valued customers, you are welcome to talk to any of our team members, to get the perfect advice for your startups or business establishments. We will connect you to the best partnering company that can help your company grow.

Policies under PAIB

Policies under PAIB

The PAIB doesn’t just give access to the fleet insurance alone but it also provides insurance needs to car or truck insurance. You are free to access any service that suits your demands and are free to review our different policies before you settle in for the right choice.

Working with PAIB insurance team

Working with PAIB insurance team

Working with the PAIB insurance team helps you get a clear idea and gives you a more perfect solution that you are searching for. Finding the right insurance can help deal with all the queries you have regarding the business you are about to start.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction - PAIB

PAIB insurance inc provides clients a fantastic customer experience. They have their own innovative tools that make the clientele experience hassle-free. The customers get peace of mind regarding the coverage options and also regarding the process they have to go through.

Concerns regarding personal data protection

The personal advisor team and the equipped professionals are here to work for you. The security or any confidential details that you share with us will always be protected with top priority with our team members.

24/7 service

24 7 service - PAIB

You can easily access the PAIB services online these days and our customer service is readily available 24/7 to avail the best solution. You can reach us through mobile or from a computer and we are happy to help.


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