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What is cyber crime?

Cyber crime in a broader sense (computers-related crime): Any impeachable offense committed with or in relation to a computer system or network, including confiscation, cyber threats, or sharing information via computer systems or networks.

What is cyber crime? - PAIB Insurance

Cyber crime types

Cybercrime encompasses all activities conducted in cyber space with the intent of committing a cyber attack. These are classified into three categories.

  • Those who discriminate against individuals.
  • Against commercial and non-commercial organizations.
  • Criminal activity directed against the government.

Cyber crime types - PAIB Insurance

Unfortunately, data breaches and other cyber crime have become far too prevalent. However, not only large organizations are at risk of being hacked or infected with a virus, but a data breach can do more harm to your small business’s computer system; it can harm your reputation and jeopardize the safety of your customers and/or employees. That is why cyber insurance can be a prudent precaution to maintain your businesses of any size.

What is cyber insurance?

What is cyber insurance? - PAIB Insurance

Cyber insurance is a type of liability insurance that helps in protecting your business against issues that may arise as a result of improper data handling or online setup. Credit card information being stolen by hackers/ cyber criminals is an excellent example of this. This is why cyber security has gained interest and popularity in recent years and why many businesses have begun to implement this protective measure.

While not everyone requires this insurance, if you run a modern business with the majority of your operations conducted online, you may benefit from it.

Cyber insurance has evolved into a critical component of any risk management program in Ontario, Canada. Businesses must contend with downtime, revenue loss, and litigation. It’s critical to keep in mind that no organization is immune to cyber crime’s impact.

Cyber security insurance

Cyber security insurance - PAIB Insurance

Cybersecurity insurance is one of the newest types of insurance available today, and it is a wise investment for many modern business owners. If you conduct business online, or at least partially online, investing in this type of insurance is a wise move.

What is covered under a cyber insurance policy in Timmins?

What is covered under a cyber insurance policy in Timmins? - PAIB Insurance

Cyber insurance policies are customized to your business’s specific needs and can provide a number of significant benefits, including the following:

Insurance coverage for data breach

Insurance against business interruption

Defending against cyber fraudulent activity

Coverage in excess of that provided by a standard general liability policy

Third party cyber insurance

Third party cyber insurance - PAIB Insurance

Third-party cyber insurance protects your business in the event that a client sues you for failing to stop a cyber attack at the client’s business. It may include the following:

Costs of legal defense;

out-of-court settlements with clients;

judgments you must pay as a result of a data breach;

other court costs;

Why is cyber insurance important?

Why is cyber insurance important? - PAIB Insurance

Customer data loss and credit card theft are covered by cyber insurance. This insurance also provide coverage against defamation, lost service costs, data destruction, extortion, and other risks. Make sure your operations are covered by an insurance policy so you don’t have to worry about hackers or other cyber security related issues in the future.

Consider how much it would cost your company if your database was hacked and sensitive data was spread across the internet. If your company loses control of that vital information, you could be held liable and face serious legal consequences.

If you have cyber insurance, you will be protected from these issues, and one’s insurance plan will cover any lawsuits arising from your use of technology.

For whom is cyber insurance made?

For whom is cyber insurance made? - PAIB Insurance

Cyber insurance is a niche product that caters to specific types of businesses. Many businesses today rely on different strategies and technologies to run smoothly, but some businesses that do use technology do not need cyber insurance to protect themselves. It all depends on how you run your business and what kinds of risks you face when doing so online.

You need cyber insurance to protect yourself if you handle sensitive information on a regular basis and expose yourself to the risk of having very valuable information stolen by others.

Why is cyber insurance relevant to small businesses?

Why is cyber insurance relevant to small businesses? - PAIB Insurance

The costs of cybercrime can be prohibitively expensive for a small business. Small businesses are seen as easy targets because they lack the sophisticated security and IT departments found in larger corporations. Rather than going uninsured and hoping you don’t become a victim of cybercriminals, it’s best to ensure protection by purchasing a cyber liability policy.

Cyber insurance companies in Timmins offer valuable resources to small businesses, and they frequently provide their policyholders with a phone number to contact cyber security experts for free, allowing them to take proactive risk mitigation rather than waiting until a cyberattack occurs.

How is cyber insurance calculated?

It depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the company, the number of employees, online presence, how much personally identifiable information you store, how you process payments, and how secure your computer systems are. What kind of backups do you make and when do you do them. All of these factors, as well as others, will be examined by cyber insurance companies in order to determine your risk and how to charge for it.

Is cyber liability insurance worth it?

It’s been estimated that a business is breached every 39 seconds, so it’s better to protect yourself from cyber liability by purchasing a policy than to hope you won’t be hacked.

Why choose PAIB insurance ?

Why choose PAIB insurance ? - PAIB Insurance

While cyber insurance is not a necessary protective measure for everyone, it is one that some individuals should consider investing in. If you decide to protect your business with cyber insurance, take a moment to review your options before selecting a provider.

Contact the experts at the PAIB Insurance office to learn more about the most popular and effective policies available today. They have an insurance brokerage that connects customers with businesses that best suit their needs.

If you require cyber insurance to safeguard against the loss of credit card information, they will help connect you with the best provider.

Few other insurance policies to safeguard and manage your business

There is not just cyber insurance. Many of the customers also invest in additional business insurance policies such as fleet insurance or landlord insurance to safeguard their businesses.

Numerous things can go wrong when running a business today; therefore, it is critical to take a lead and obtain all necessary protection. Contact PAIB Insurance to learn about various insurance connections and which providers offer the best value and insurance solutions.


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