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Cabin in the woods, waterfront cottage, island property, or log home. Cottages, no matter how carefully built, are prone to fire, theft, water damage, and other hazards. When it comes to properly insuring your cottage or vacation property, there is a lot to think about, especially when you cannot be there year-round.

Whether you’re renewing an existing policy or shopping for a new one, insurance is a critical factor in protecting your property. To that end, a competent insurance broker like PAIB Insurance can assist you in obtaining top-notch cottage insurance in Timmins at competitive prices. Call us today at 1-844-360-5300 for cottage insurance quotes, Ontario!

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What is cottage insurance?


Cottage insurance is a type of property insurance that is comparable to home insurance but is tailored specifically for your cottage. In order to receive a mortgage, most lenders need homeowners to produce proof of insurance on the property.

On some occasions, your existing homeowner’s policy’s liability coverage may be extended to a second residence. This implies that if someone is hurt at your vacation home and you are held accountable, your regular home’s insurance coverage would most likely cover their medical bills and any legal fees you spend.

That’s why, no matter which cottage you own, speaking with an expert independent insurance agent like PAIB Insurance can help you protect it and give you peace of mind.

Why do you need cottage insurance?


If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re looking for a cottage insurance policy. No two cottages or seasonal homes are alike, posing unique challenges.

Some cottages are modest, no-frills structures meant for rustic living in remote locations, while others are enormous, multi-level complexes with more facilities than many primary homes.

Furthermore, the majority of people do not reside in their vacation houses on a permanent basis. As a result, having seasonal home insurance protects it as a second home, potential investment, and cash stream from renters.

If you own a cabin, a lake house, or any type of summer dwelling, you should contact an experienced insurance agent like us who can estimate how much log house insurance coverage you need. There are many things to consider — age of the cottage, location, primary heating source etc. — so a knowledgeable cottage insurance broker can ask you the right questions to identify which risk factors need to be handled and protected.

Are you confused with the features and technicalities? You’re not alone, thankfully. Our seasonal home insurance broker can help you out. For more information on holiday cottage insurance coverage or to buy them, please call 1-844-360-5300!

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Who does cottage insurance cover?


When you get your seasonal home insurance in place for your second home, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your place is secure even though you’re not there. Cottage insurance protects your cottage and other outside buildings on your property (hot tub, shed and deck) from covered hazards such as fire, theft, vandalism, and animal damage. In addition, it will also help if you decide to rent out your cottage.

Your cottage insurance may exclude septic bed backups, motorized vehicles, buildings used for business or farming, and damage caused by animals or earthquakes, depending on your coverage.

Even if you’re insured with another company or want to insure, a registered PAIB Insurance broker review and tell you what your ideal insurance coverage should be. To get a cottage insurance estimate, contact us today.

What is the cost of cottage insurance?


As you may expect, the cost of cottage insurance, Ontario varies considerably. It keeps changing how often the property is left vacant or the location of the property. Let’s have a look at the other factors that directly affect cost:

Remote areas may be targeted by criminals or face natural disasters that you won’t learn about until you return to the property next time. There is a higher possibility for criminals to steal your things or vandalize your house in high-trafficked locations.

When it comes to estimating how much you will pay for Ontario cottage insurance, liability is a major factor. You may be liable for medical fees and lost wages if you are held legally responsible for an injury that occurs on the cabin’s property. Liability insurance may cover these costs. You will need to insure your house as well as get additional coverage if you have a significant number of visitors to the cottages, especially renters. For example, an accident caused by a defective fireplace may put a significant financial strain on your home and other assets. You may require renter’s insurance as well as separate liability coverage for anyone who may trespass onto your property.

Unexpected damages to your seasonal home or home can be financially and emotionally devastating. So, whether you rent a home or even own one, have a look at the type of cottage rental insurance coverage PAIB Insurance offers you. Contact a PAIB Insurance broker if you have any doubts about whether your second home or holiday property is suitably insured. We will get you covered with our exclusive seasonal cabin insurance policies.

Additional coverages to consider

Personal Liability Coverage:


Whether you like hiking, canoeing, or organizing weekend getaways with family and friends, you might be held accountable if someone is harmed on your property. Personal liability insurance protects you in the event that a third party suffers property damage or physical harm while on your property. For additional information on this holiday cottage insurance option, contact your PAIB Insurance broker.

Contents Coverage:


The majority of individuals who own cottages have certain items that remain permanently in the cottage. If an insured risk damages both the valuable objects you keep inside your cottage, such as your refrigerator or mattress, for example, contents coverage can compensate for your loss.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Cottage Insurance Coverage


These are the common questions our agents received over the years. If you want any different questions or concerns and want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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When it comes to protecting your seasonal home or your home, quality coverage is everything. Get a seasonal property insurance quote for your seasonal home. Please call our PAIB Insurance seasonal property insurance broker at 1-844-360-5300; we can help you protect what matters to you.


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