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Condo/ Apartment insurance offers more than just protection for your home. It’s an investment in your future happiness, providing coverage for theft, fire, and other covered losses. Give your condo (and its contents) the security it needs so that you will have peace of mind when an emergency arises.

Condo insurance can cover things like liability claims, damage to your condo unit and your belongings, and temporary living expenses – if you can’t stay in your home because of a covered event. Condo insurance usually doesn’t cover things like sidewalks, hallways, and parking lots in your building. That’s the job of your condo building or homeowner’s association.

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Key takeaways

  • Condo insurance is meant to cover things your condo association’s main insurance policy doesn’t cover.
  • A standard condo insurance coverage protects your personal belongings and compensates you if you’re proven to be at fault for someone else’s injury.
  • The average cost of condo insurance is between $1000 to $3000 per year, but it can vary based on your insurance provider.


If you live in a condo/apartment, you can generally rely on the condo corporation or homeowners association to get insurance for the building and common spaces, but this coverage will not protect you if your personal possessions are damaged in a fire or stolen. Condo/ Apartment insurance is what you’ll need to cover things like fires, floods, and other potential disasters.

Is condo/apartment insurance mandatory?

As with homeowners insurance, lenders typically require you to get condo insurance to safeguard their financial interests over the term of your loan.

Even if your mortgage was paid in full or you acquired the property completely, you might still be required to obtain condo insurance by many homeowners associations.

Don’t settle for generic condo insurance from an insurance company. Get an online quote for condo insurance or call one of our PAIB Insurance brokers to help customize a plan that’s perfect for you.

Condo/ Apartment Insurance Coverage : Inclusions & Exclusions

Commonly covered perils


When anything happens that puts your apartment or personal belongings in jeopardy; we say that you’re at risk.

Condo insurance coverage often covers the following perils:

Fire and lightning

Theft and vandalism

Weight of ice, snow, and sleet

Windstorms and hail

Condo Insurance: What’s not covered?


Your condo/apartment insurance policy will have a list of coverage exclusions. The following are frequent examples of what is excluded from coverage:

Wear and tear



Damage from termites

Damage to communal parts of your condo complex and any property owned by your condo association is not covered by condo insurance. The master policy of your condo corporation’s insurance safeguards all of your complex’s shared facilities, from the stairway to the party center.

Looking for more detail? Just give one of our insurance brokers a call at 1-844-360-5300; they’ll be happy to answer all the questions you have in mind.

Types of Condo/ Apartment Insurance

The three types of master insurance plans for condominiums are as follows:


Single entity coverage

Single entity coverage covers common spaces and association-owned property, but not fixtures in your unit or any element of your unit’s construction from when it was built, unlike the bare walls coverage.

Bare walls coverage

Bare walls coverage covers common spaces, including condo/homeowners association property, but excludes interior walls and fixtures in your unit.

All-in coverage

Also known as “all-inclusive,” this is the most extensive of the three coverages, protecting all of your property as well as your unit’s fixtures. With all-in coverage, you only have to make sure your personal belongings are covered.

Condo/ Apartment insurance is complicated to purchase since rules and bylaws vary from case to case. The best way to get customized insurance coverage recommendations for your situation is to speak with a licensed insurance broker like PAIB Insurance.

Condo Insurance: Standard Coverages



Dwelling coverage offers to cover the cost of replacing or repairing your whole apartment, right down to the drywall, if it is destroyed as a result of a covered loss.

Personal property

Clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, power equipment, and other tools are covered by condo insurance up to a specific limit (even if they are not physically in your condo). You may need an insurance rider to cover jewels, paintings, and other valuables.

For example, if your roof leaks, you lose thousands of dollars worth of clothing, furniture, and other valuables because of the water damage. Unless you can establish negligence, most condo association insurance policies will not cover your personal property. These things may be covered by your condo insurance.

Loss of use

Suppose your condo is destroyed due to a covered loss, and you are unable to stay there while repairs are completed. In that case, your additional living cost coverage may cover hotel and food expenses (above what you would typically spend).

For instance, your condo gets damaged in a fire, and a two-week hotel stay will cost you $2,000. The payment will be paid, as well as any additional meal charges. Keep all receipts as evidence of your claim.


Personal liability insurance may cover you if you are liable for another person’s injuries or someone else’s property damage. Additionally, you may get coverage for libel, slander, and other lawsuits.

For instance, a friend you brought over slips and falls inside your condo, breaking their leg owing to a slippery flooring you were aware of. If they sue, your coverage may cover their medical expenses and lost wages as a result of the damage.

Loss assessment

If an accident occurs in a communal part of your condo property, such as the pools, stairwells, or clubhouses, loss assessment coverage can help. These situations are usually covered under your association’s master policy. Even however, if the damage exceeds the limitations of the master insurance, you and other residents in your development may be liable for the difference. Loss assessment coverage is normally limited to $000 in condo insurance; however, an extra endorsement may easily be purchased to extend the maximum.

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Condo insurance and home insurance: What’s the difference?


Condo insurance, like home insurance, protects your belongings, injuries on your property that you are responsible for, and temporary living expenses. The main difference is that condo/apartment insurance does not cover damage to the exterior of your house, including external walls and garages. However, your condo policy may exclude liability coverage for injuries occurring in common areas (hallways, parking lots, etc.) of your condo building.

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Way to reduce your condo/ apartment insurance premiums


Insurance premiums vary based on the insurance providers and each person’s individual insurance profile. The important factors influence insurance premiums are where you live, how much coverage you need, the total deductible you want to pay, etc.

However, these are three main easiest ways to cut down on the cost of condo insurance:

Look around

To discover the best price for the coverage you desire, we recommend receiving quotes from at least three insurance providers.

Look for bundle saves/ discounts/bargains

If you combine your condo and auto insurance with the same insurer, or if your unit includes safety features such as deadbolt locks and smoke detectors, you may be able to save money.

Increase your deductible

Do not do this unless you are convinced that you have adequate money to cover the larger sum in the event of an emergency.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable PAIB Insurance brokers right now to determine the amount of personal property coverage you’ll need to replace all of your valuable belongings. Get answers to your condo insurance doubts, such as how to secure valuable things and how to save money by bundling different insurance policies.

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