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Whether you’re building from the ground up, remodeling, or renovating, you’ll require builder’s risk insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover residential construction, and it is insufficient coverage for all-risk exposures connected with contracting and building. Contractors, too, will need property coverage in addition to general liability for construction projects. If you currently searching for builder’s risk insurance in Timmins, contact PAIB Insurance for a free consultation today.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Builders Risk Insurance?
  2. How Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Work?
  3. Who should buy Builder’s Risk Insurance?
  4. What Doesn’t Builders Risk Insurance Cover?
  5. Buying Builder’s Risk Insurance: Tips
  6. Why choose PAIB Insurance?

What Is Builders Risk Insurance?

What Is Builders Risk Insurance? - PAIB Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance protects buildings or projects against financial loss while they are being built or renovated. Theft, vandalism, and weather are all covered by insurance policies. Depending on the project specifications, builders’ risk insurance expenses generally vary from 1% to 4% of overall construction costs, or roughly $1,000 to $4,000 per $100,000 of construction expenses.

How Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Work?

In builder’s risk insurance, the word “builder” refers to the insured, which might include the work’s contractors and subcontractors, the property owner, the lender, and anyone having insurable interests. The property owner or contractor is usually the one who purchases the builder’s risk insurance. In the insurance, all interested parties are mentioned as named “insured.”

How Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Work? - PAIB Insurance

During the repair or the construction of a building or structure, the builder’s risk insurance protects the builder’s insurable interest. The builder’s expenditures and equity put in a project are referred to as insurable interest. During the “course of construction,” the coverage is obtained for a particular project for a set duration, such as three, six, or twelve months.

In the event that materials, fixtures, equipment, or the building itself are damaged or destroyed by a covered risk, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or harsh weather, builder’s insurance may compensate for such assets. Employee theft and catastrophic acts of nature, such as earthquakes, are common risks excluded from a builder’s risk insurance coverage.

Who should buy Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Who should buy Builder’s Risk Insurance? - PAIB Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance is required for all new construction and most large renovation projects. Other parties, in addition to the builder, may have an insurable interest in the development, putting them at risk. While one party buys the builder’s risk insurance coverage, it is often structured to safeguard the other parties.

Insurable Interest

Any financial investment in the project is an insurable interest. When it comes to building and renovation projects, various parties, such as the builder, the property owner, and the financial firms, may have an insurable interest. Policyholders have complete discretion over the purchasing and management of their policies, although they may accept guidance from other parties.

In builder’s risk insurance, the following parties are often called insureds:

Insurable Interest - PAIB Insurance

Bank or lending institution
Property owner
Project Owner
General contractor

While the general contractor often purchases the builder’s risk insurance policy and transfers the expenses to the land owner or project developer via administrative fees, it is likely that the latter will buy the policy instead. Every listed insured is entitled to the profits of a claim.

A home builder, for example, cannot abandon a project after a loss and use the claim check to travel. On the claim check, named insureds, such as the mortgage company, will seek to be made whole, either with their portion of the settlement or by project completion.

Individuals who want to be added as extra insured to demonstrate to property owners that they have liability coverage on a property are not covered in this way. Additional insureds have no shared interest in the project’s financial risk; instead, they want to be exempt from the project’s liabilities.

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What Doesn’t Builders Risk Insurance Cover?

Acts of war, willful destruction, and regular wear and tear are all common exclusions in builders’ risk insurance plans. Some severe natural events, such as earthquakes and floods, are also excluded from most policies. You may add particular hazards to your insurance as extra covered dangers if you wish them covered.

What Doesn’t Builders Risk Insurance Cover? - PAIB Insurance

The following risks and dangers are often not covered by builder’s risk insurance:

  • Acts of war
  • Earthquakes
  • Employee theft
  • Intentional damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Third-party liability
  • Water damage

Because most builders’ risk insurance plans are designed on an all-risks basis, you should focus on the small list of exclusions while shopping for coverage. Commercial insurance providers offer a broad range of builder’s risk insurance coverage. One insurance provider, for example, may automatically cover tools placed on the site, whilst others may need an endorsement.

Buying Builder’s Risk Insurance: Tips

Buying Builder’s Risk Insurance Tips - PAIB Insurance

A new development project needs a lot of moving parts, and buying a builder’s risk insurance is one of them. Before you start asking for estimates, make sure you have all of the necessary information.

Here are three tips to keep in mind while selecting builder’s risk insurance:

  1. Gather information about other parties’ businesses for the COI.

Any party with an insurable interest in the project and will be a named insured must provide the insurance carrier with their legal name, address of record, and any current general liability insurance. Having this information at the time of application speeds up the procedure and simplifies the process of obtaining certificates of insurance (COIs).

  1. Collect the Required Documents for Quoting

Builder’s risk insurance premiums are calculated as a proportion of the building expenses. To get the coverage, a licensed contractor’s bid, as well as municipal permit approvals, are necessary. When it comes to new construction, an insurance provider will not offer a cost estimate based on local building expenses. It requires the project’s real expenses to be calculated.

  1. Verify that the policy has all-risk coverage.

Every insurance firm approaches policy underwriting in a unique way. While most builders’ risk policies are structured to cover all risks, double-check. Keep in mind that “all-risk” does not imply that you will lose everything. All-risk plans still include exclusions, such as floods and earthquakes.

Why choose PAIB Insurance?

Why choose PAIB Insurance Brokers? - PAIB Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance policies may be complex, and a PAIB insurance broker can assist you in understanding the specifics of a policy as well as determining the amount of coverage you need to ensure that you are adequately covered.

Because our insurance experts have a solid understanding of the construction and insurance industry, we can negotiate prices on your behalf and can frequently get you a reasonable bargain on insurance.

PAIB Insurance can create a tailored insurance and risk management program for you or your company, in which they develop policies, negotiate terms with insurers, and arrange coverage with the insurer.They will go through your policy with you and let you know if there are any specific conditions you should be aware of.

PAIB Insurance brokers will walk you through the procedures and communicate with the insurer on your behalf if you need to make a claim on your insurance.

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