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While choosing your insurance coverage and deciding on an insurer, make sure you understand the limits, excesses, exclusions, and perils covered by the policy you are considering. These will vary from insurer to insurer, and renter insurance is no exception. Understanding how these limit or change a policy can help you zero in on the insurer with the best coverage rather than just selecting the cheapest quote.

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What is Tenant Insurance?

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Tenants’ insurance, often known as renters’ contents insurance, is a form of house contents coverage for renters. Tenants’ contents insurance is not required by law, but it can help preserve your valuables and provide you peace of mind while renting. Although your landlord will cover the building’s insurance, you are still responsible for insuring your possessions.

The cost of replacing stolen or damaged items due to fire, flood, storms, subsidence, burst pipes, and water leaks is covered by renters’ contents insurance. The tenant’s liability coverage protects you against accidental damage to your landlord’s fixtures and furnishings. Therefore, you will not lose your deposit if you drop a glass of wine on the carpet or kick a football through the kitchen window. Some policies may also cover alternate accommodations, paying for a place to stay while fire or flood-damaged rental property is being restored.

What Is and Isn’t Included In Tenants’ Insurance Cover?

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You must be wondering ‘What is renters insurance for’? The personal belongings you keep in your rented house, such as clothing, furniture, electronics, home appliances, cash, and even frozen food, are protected by renters’ contents insurance against unforeseen disasters. Policies differ in terms of the extent and degree of coverage they provide, so it is essential to read the policy details carefully before purchasing and to be aware of some frequent exclusions.

What is commonly covered in renters insurance policy?

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If someone breaks into your home and steals your belongings, you can file a claim for their worth.


If your home catches fire and your goods are damaged, you may be able to recover the expense of replacing them.

Burst pipes and water leaks

You can file a claim for the cost of your belongings if they sustain water damage due to a burst pipe or another form of leak.

Storms and weather damage

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As storms have caused major damage to our houses in recent years, storm coverage could assist you in recovering the cost of damaged items.


This covers the value of your possessions if they are damaged by flooding.

Tenant’s liability insurance

This covers unintentional damage to the landlord’s property and fixtures.

What’s typically excluded in tenant liability insurance?

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Normal wear and tear – typically, contents damaged over time by normal wear and tear are not covered.

Theft and unforced entry – if you are the victim of a burglary but there are no traces of forced access, your claim will likely be denied.

Items with a value that exceeds your policy’s single-item limit must be mentioned separately on your policy to be covered.

Some tenant rental insurance policies will cover personal property taken outside the home, while others do not. Check your policy documents carefully and, if necessary, apply for additional coverage.

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Business contents — If you use your home as a place of business, you must insure any business-related items with business contents insurance. For example, laptops for work.

Homes left vacant – If you leave your rental property uninhabited for an extended length of time (often 30 days or longer), a conventional renters insurance policy will not protect you.

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Do you require a renter’s insurance?

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You are not required by law to buy renters insurance; it is your decision whether or not to secure your belongings. However, you should consider if you can afford to replace your valuables in the event of a burglary or fire.

Nevertheless, you will not be required to insure the building; it is the landlord’s duty. If you are renting a property with furnishings, it is your landlord’s responsibility to insure them.

Even so, your landlord’s contents insurance will only cover their goods. It will not cover the belongings that you brought into the home. Your landlord may have purchased buildings insurance to cover the structures of the rental property, but they are not responsible for insuring your personal belongings unless the leasing agreement expressly states so.

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Certain properties are more at risk than others. You may wish to consider apartment insurance in particular if:

  • You reside in a high-crime neighborhood where burglaries are more likely to occur.
  • You reside in a region prone to flooding.

It is totally up to you to evaluate if renters insurance is necessary. No one may require you to obtain insurance as part of a rental agreement.

Regardless of how cautious you are, accidents may occur, and you may end up out of cash. By purchasing tenant home contents insurance , you may assure that if your possessions are stolen or damaged while you are renting a house, you will not be responsible for covering the costs. So, if there is a fire in your house or apartment, the property is flooded, or someone breaks in and steals your stuff, the Tenant’s Contents Insurance coverage will protect your belongings.

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Tips to save on tenants’ insurance?

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As with any insurance policy, you can lower your premiums by taking the following steps:

Annual Payment

Paying for your Ontario renters insurance coverage annually in a lump sum is less expensive than paying in monthly installments, to which interest is typically charged. If you cannot afford to pay in full, try utilizing a 0% purchase credit card to divide the payments out over several months without incurring interest charges. Ensure that you’ve paid off the debt before your 12-month policy expires to avoid paying for two insurance policies simultaneously.

Higher voluntary excess

The bigger the excess, the lower your premiums. If not, the money you receive from the insurer might not be sufficient to replace all you’ve lost.

Consider extras with caution

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As a cost-saving measure, when considering extra coverage options for your apartment insurance, Ontario, select just those you believe may be beneficial.

Improve Security

Discuss with your landlord the possibility of installing stronger locks on the windows and doors or installing an alarm. In addition to reducing your insurance costs, this may also reduce your landlord’s premiums.

How can I choose additional tenant insurance?

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Typically, you can pay extra to add the following coverage options to your tenant liability insurance Ontario if they are not included by default:

Accidental damage cover: Protecting you from mishaps like shattering your television or spilling wine on your couch.

Personal possessions cover: Providing coverage for goods like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets that are taken outside the home. Some policies extend this coverage overseas, albeit it may be limited to specific nations.

Legal expenses cover: If you need to fight a claim, the policy will pay for your legal fees.

Tenant liability protection: This could safeguard you from losing your security deposit in the event of unintentional property damage.

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Am I covered if I live with roommates?

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This is when things might become problematic. Insurers are typically hesitant to give renters insurance coverage to persons who live in a flat-share or house-share because there is a higher chance of damage or theft due to the number of people entering and exiting the residence.

Hence, many insurers limit coverage to room-only. This means that only anything stored in your room will be secured. Insurers will typically require you to install a lock on your door and secure it while you are away from home.

You may also be able to obtain a shared contents insurance policy with your roommates. The disadvantage is that if one of you files a claim, the renewal premiums for everyone else will increase. You must also disclose the claim on any new coverage purchased during the next five years.

How much cover do I need?

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Calculating the amount of coverage required for tenant insurance, Ontario is not simple, but it is essential to get it correctly.

If you overestimate, you will spend more than necessary for your policy. If you underestimate, you will be underinsured, and your insurance may only cover a portion of your claims.

The simplest way to determine the value of your possessions is to walk through each room of your home and make a list of all your belongings. Determine the total value of the items.

The insurance coverage of your landlord should cover items such as carpets, drapes, electrical appliances, and furniture that he or she has given. However, as indicated previously, obtaining tenant’s liability insurance will protect you in the case that you accidentally cause damage.

Your landlord’s insurance may also include coverage for alternate accommodations, allowing you to remain elsewhere if the property requires immediate repairs or is otherwise uninhabitable due to an unavoidable occurrence such as floods.

How to Get Renters Insurance With PAIB Insurance

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The easiest method to review insurance coverage is to consider whether you could cover the harm on your own. If your property were to catch fire, could you afford to rebuild it and replace any damaged items? If the answer is no, then insurance is required. If you answered “yes, but I’d rather not,” you need insurance.

When initially searching for Ottawa tenant insurance coverage, it is quite simple to identify the excess and total covered limits. Single-item limits and exclusions are often mentioned in the tenant insurance policy booklet and policy schedule, which you receive after purchasing the insurance.

If there is anything in your insurance policy that you don’t understand, especially regarding excesses, exclusions, or endorsements, please contact us at (844) 360-5300. If you call a PAIB insurance agent to inquire about the tenant insurance Ottawa, they will be able to provide you with information regarding any policy-specific limits and exclusions. You can rest assured of our services as we have great expertise in renters insurance, Ontario.


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