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Home insurance helps protect your investment- your home, and YOU in a number of ways. Home insurance provides coverage in case a disaster damages your home and pays out if you’re held responsible for an accident or injury at your home. The law does not require home insurance, but banks require it as a condition of your mortgage. With PAIB Home Insurance Ottawa, you can select the level of protection that suits your needs – be it buildings, contents coverage, or both. Contact us at 1-844-360-5300 today.

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Home Insurance in Ottawa Cost

While the average home insurance cost varies based on several factors, the following are common factors that insurance companies use to determine your house insurance rate:

Common Factors For Home Insurance Cost - PAIB Insurance


The location information includes the state, ZIP code, and claims history of the area.


The materials used to construct the house. Construction of a custom home may require additional coverage for the construction site.

Age of the house

How old or new the home is, as well as any renovations made to an older home.

Replacement cost

The replacement cost is the money required necessary to rebuild the same house completely. Typically, this is evaluated by an appraiser.

Home Insurance in Ottawa Cost - PAIB Insurance

Swimming Pool

If you own a pool, your liability insurance may be increased to cover potential injuries.

Home-based business

If you run a home-based business, your premium may increase to account for inventory, equipment, and supplies.



The type of coverage you select and the amount of personal property and liability protection you want to be covered by your home insurance policy.

The age of your furnace, HVAC, electrical system, your security system, location to a fire station, fire hydrant, or body of water, and your policy options and endorsements are other factors that influence your house insurance policy.

Got more questions on home insurance costs? Give us a call at 1-844-360-5300 today! PAIB home insurance experts will be glad to help you.

Risks Faced by Ottawa Homeowners

Since Ottawa is further north, it often gets very cold in the winter, which adds to home insurance risks. This weather can freeze pipes, cause ice damming, and do a lot of damage. The Ottawa River also makes it more likely to flood when there are storms or a lot of rain. Make sure you have insurance so that your investment is safe.

Risks Faced By Ottawa Homeowners - PAIB Insurance

Extreme Cold Weather

Ottawa is accustomed to having severe winters since it holds the record for being the capital city in the world with the lowest average annual temperature.

Even while ice damming could be covered under certain ordinary homeowners’ insurance plans, you should still verify this with your broker just to be sure. Pipes that burst due to freezing conditions produced by temperatures below zero are sometimes covered by insurance; however, you should always verify.

Thunderstorms & Heavy Rain

Thunderstorms can get so fierce in Ottawa that they occasionally bring heavy rain, hail, lightning, and maybe even hurricanes and tornadoes.

Common Factors For Ottawa Home Insurance Cost - PAIB Insurance

Strong gusts of wind

The city of Ottawa, along with the rest of the province, is subject to strong winds that frequently exceed 100 kilometers per hour and can pose a serious risk to people, personal property, and else’s property.


Even though earthquakes are extremely uncommon in the province of Ontario, they do take place sometimes; in fact, the region surrounding Ottawa is the most seismically active sector of the province. Even though earthquakes can cause damage ranging from negligible to catastrophic, most ordinary homeowners’ insurance plans do not cover any of the damage caused by earthquakes.

Overland floods

Due to the city’s location on the Ottawa River, as well as its near proximity to a number of other water bodies, Ottawa is prone to experiencing sudden flooding. Heavy rain or melting snow can cause water sources to fill up beyond their normal limits, leading to overland flooding. This flooding occurs when the water spills out into streets, homes, vents, and storage areas.

Risks Faced By Ottawa Homeowners - PAIB Insurance

In recent years, overland flooding has become the primary reason people in Ontario file claims on their homeowner’s insurance policies. Even though the damage caused by flooded basements, storm surges, and flooded basements may be quite pricey to repair, many homeowners’ insurance policies in the Ottawa area do not cover these types of incidents.

You can add overland flood insurance to your policy to protect your property even more. Looking for home insurance in Ottawa or want to compare home insurance quotes, call us for a free consultation.

Insurance Coverage: What does my home insurance cover?

Home insurance protects against unforeseen property damage and ensures your personal items, such as jewelry, gadgets, and furniture, up to the policy limits. Your insurance may also cover additional permanent structures on your property, such as fences, sheds, and garages. If you are not able to live in your home due to a covered loss, reasonable living expenditures are also reimbursed.

What Does My Home Insurance Cover? - PAIB Insurance

Home insurance also includes liability coverage, which protects you if someone is hurt on your property, if you accidentally damage another person’s property, or if you accidentally injure someone, regardless of where the incident occurred in the globe.

Before getting quotes for home insurance in Ottawa, choose a policy type, such as basic, broad, or comprehensive.

Next, determine if you require more coverage.

A prospective homeowner in Ottawa has the option of selecting one of the following primary types of insurance coverage:

Home Insurance Coverages - PAIB Insurance

Basic -As implied by its name, basic home insurance policies provide the bare minimum of coverage, with your home and belongings protected only against specific risks. This insurance protects against the perils outlined in the policy and your home and your belongings. Even though it is less expensive than comprehensive coverage, the degree of protection that it offers is also lesser.

Broad – Broad coverage is more strong and protects your home and its belongings against all risks. This is an example of a policy that is neither “comprehensive” nor “basic;” rather, it lies somewhere in the middle. In addition to guarding against particular dangers, it also offers coverage for a variety of expensive items, such as the actual property itself.

Home Insurance Coverages - PAIB Insurance

Comprehensive -This type of policy provides the highest level of protection, insuring your home and its contents against all risks except those specifically excluded. Except for certain uninsurable occurrences, which were covered in the section before this one, this is the most comprehensive coverage that is available. It safeguards the home’s structure and the items that are kept inside of it against any hazard that may arise unexpectedly (e.g., flood damage, loss of high-value items, earthquake damage, etc.).


The bare minimum of coverage is provided by a policy that does not include any additional bells and whistles. Typically, this policy is purchased for properties that would not ordinarily be insured. Talk to your real estate broker about whether or not a fundamental insurance policy would be appropriate for your interests in the real estate market.

Each form of homeowner’s insurance policy provides a different level of protection. In general, you will spend more for greater protection.

The vast majority of Ottawa homeowner insurance policies will cover you in the event that a guest at your home has an injury while they are there. This coverage is quite important in case someone gets hurt while they are at your property. Moreover, you will be protected against the costs of subsequent repairs if you accidentally cause damage to another person, irrespective of whether or not the damage takes place in Ottawa, elsewhere in Canada, or internationally. This protection extends to you no matter where the damage occurs, in Canada or elsewhere.

Ottawa Homeowner Insurance Policies - PAIB Insurance

In addition, most house insurance policies will cover detached structures on your property, such as garages or sheds. Some policies will pay for your living expenses if you are temporarily forced to live elsewhere because your home requires repairs. Homeowners in Ottawa are strongly urged to purchase homeowner’s insurance for their properties. This is because the expense of repairing or replacing certain goods, such as appliances, electrical work, floors, ceilings, and personal belongings, may be rather costly.

Still confused about how much coverage you need? PAIB Insurance is one of the top insurance companies that can provide you with the best home insurance rates in Ottawa.

What is not covered in my Ottawa home insurance policy?

Conventional homeowner’s insurance coverage will not protect your property from all unanticipated threats that may harm it. This puts you in a precarious position. The incidents listed below are some instances of situations that frequently call for enhanced coverage:

What Is Not Covered In Ottawa Home Insurance - PAIB Insurance

The damage was caused by either sudden flooding or flooding over land.

Damage caused by water, such as that caused by burst pipes or toilets that overflow, is often covered by insurance. However, additional coverage is typically required in order to protect against floods.

The misplacement of expensive and important personal belongings

Some valuables, such as jewelry, artwork, watches, and furs, among other things, may be covered by a conventional homeowner’s policy; however, if the value of those valuables exceeds the policy’s limitations, you will be obligated to replace or repair those valuables out of your own pocket. Consequently, if you own something particularly important that you would like to be insured against, you ought to research the many choices for additional coverage that are available to you.

Misplacement of Expensive and Important Personal Belongings - PAIB Insurance

Damage brought on by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or a landslide.

Additional insurance protection against the occurrence of events of this nature would need to be procured on an individual basis.

Infestations, as well as harm brought on by unwanted insects and animals

Insects, birds, rats, bats, and skunks are some examples of common household pests that homeowners are responsible for preventing from wreaking havoc on their properties. This is due to the fact that this kind of damage is considered to be a typical part of the process of maintaining a residence.

Harm Brought on by Unwanted Insects and Animals - PAIB Insurance

A natural and expected state of degradation brought on by the use

Homeowners have a duty to protect their homes from deterioration and to preserve their houses in line with the expectations of the current era. As a direct consequence of this, the majority of homeowner’s insurance plans do not compensate policyholders for damage to the property that is the result of typical wear and tears.

Businesses that may be conducted entirely within the house

Typically, if you operate a business from your home, you will need additional insurance to protect your office supplies, machinery, electronics, computers, programs, and furniture.

Please contact us at 1-844-360-5300 and talk to our home insurance experts at PAIB Insurance to learn more about home insurance in Ottawa.

Save Money: 12 Tips to Save on Home Insurance Premiums

Saving on home insurance is easier than you think. To save on home insurance premiums and get the lowest rate possible, PAIB Insurance recommends following these steps when shopping for home insurance.

 12 Tips to Save on Home Insurance Premiums - PAIB Insurance

If you live in Ottawa and are interested in reducing the cost of your homeowner’s insurance, you may want to investigate the following strategies:

  1. Research
    Spend time researching different home insurance policies on different websites to locate the best offer.
  2. Bundling
    Combining several insurance policies into one can result in considerable cost reductions. This is true of both auto insurance and home insurance.
  3. Endorsements
    Buying an endorsement can allow you to avoid paying a higher premium for your insurance after you have made a claim. These endorsements typically go by the label “claims protectors.”
  4. Good Credit Score
    A higher credit score almost always results in a lower monthly cost.
     12 Tips to Save on Home Insurance Premiums - PAIB Insurance
  5. Inform
    Make it a point to inform your broker about any fire, smoke, carbon monoxide detectors, sprinklers, or other safety equipment installed in your home if at all possible.
  6. Higher deductible = Lower premiums
    When you raise your deductible, you often see a decrease in the amount of your premium./
  7. Stop Smoking
    Smoking increases the risk of a fire, and this will result in increased premiums.

     12 Tips to Save on Home Insurance Premiums - PAIB Insurance

  8. Annual Premium
    As opposed to making payments every month, if you pay the full annual cost of your homeowner’s insurance policy, the provider may offer you a discount. Compared to monthly payments, annual payments involve less paperwork and processing for the insurer, so your premiums will be lower.
  9. Prepare
    Remove any trees around your home that are either dead or leaning dangerously close to the ground since they might cause damage to your property in the event of a storm.
  10. Monitoring
    A centrally monitored water alarm can help prevent water damage. Install centrally monitored security alarms system to prevent fires and burglaries.

     12 Tips to Save on Home Insurance Premiums - PAIB Insurance

  11. Renovations
    Typically, insurers consider newer homes to be less likely to have problems. Home renovations can result in lower homeowner’s insurance premiums because premiums can be higher for older homes without updated roofing, plumbing, or electrical systems.
  12. Review and revise
    Keep yourself updated with your policy’s coverage and limits. Regularly review your policy to ensure you have the correct coverages and amounts.

Got a question on home insurance premiums? Cheapest Ottawa Home Insurance can be yours today. Contact us today at 1-844-360-5300.

PAIB Insurance: Ottawa Home Insurance Experts

Home insurance is essential for more than just protecting your home and personal belongings. It defends you, the homeowner, from potential claims filed by visitors to your property. In case of any accident at your home, you could be held accountable for damages and have to pay out of pocket. When working with PAIB, you will never have to worry. We got you covered.

 12 Tips to Save on Home Insurance Premiums - PAIB Insurance

There may be a notable difference between the prices offered by different home insurance companies for properties in Ottawa. Not only can PAIB insurance find you lower home insurance premiums in Ottawa, but our experienced brokers and agents will also review your policy with you to ensure that it covers all you want. Our home insurance brokers constantly strive to go above and beyond for our clients, and this is just one of many ways we do it. They will do the time-consuming research necessary to identify the right coverage plans, discounts, and packages to guarantee that you are secured from every angle.

Looking for home insurance quotes in Ottawa? PAIB Insurance can get you the best home insurance coverage that offers the best coverage and the best protection at the best price. Give us a call at 1-844-360-5300 and let our Ottawa Home Insurance experts start working on your home insurance savings.



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