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Tailor the coverage that’s perfect for you.

By incorporating the PAIB Advantage into our uniquely designed tenant insurance packages, our coverage is always tailored according to your specific needs. Rather than overcomplicating things, we’ve simplified the process in order to provide you with immediate peace of mind. Upon providing us with a bit of information pertaining to your location, we’ll ask you to define the replacement value of your belongings. If you own a few special items that take a certain amount of precedence over others, such as a camera or computer, extra protection is an option we’ll always make available to you.

Upon ironing out the finer details, you may then use the major credit card of your choice to complete the transaction, at which point, your policy will be mailed directly to your inbox within a matter of minutes!

Yes, it’s that  easy!
If you are renting a property or apartment, it is important to be aware of the fact that your personal belongings and other contents within your residence will not be covered under your landlord’s insurance policy. When it comes to finding the right protection for your valuables, you may be thinking, “how much coverage do I need?”
Take a quick scan of your home and imagine what it would cost to replace everything in each room – your furniture, your electronics, your clothing, and more. In the majority of instances, it is good practice to budget approximately $10,000 for your primary living spaces and bedrooms, with $5000 acting as a safe estimate for most  of the other rooms in your residence.

Tenant’s Insurance


  • Protect your belongings and your liability
  • Up to $100,000 in coverage for your content
  • Choose between $1M or $2M in liability coverage
  • Optional extras to tailor the policy for your special items and/or special needs
  • Includes coverage for your items even while outside your home
  • Affordable protection for as low as $19/mo.

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk that your possessions will be stolen or damaged. Protect yourself and your belongings in case the unexpected happens.

Our policy is unique in that it keeps you in control. Coverage is tailored to protect what is most important to you.

Tenant’s Insurance often includes coverage for items you may not own and can even cap the maximum value of your items. That’s not how we do things. At PAIB Insurance Inc., if you own belongings that are high in monetary and/or sentimental worth, we want to know about them in order to provide you with the best protection possible.

Pay only for the coverage you need and nothing more. That’s the PAIB Advantage.

We call it “all risk” but you can call it total peace of mind.

Your policy covers you against all common causes of loss such as fire, smoke, wind storms, vandalism, and theft.

Remember, your landlord’s insurance policy will not protect you or your belongings against unforeseen events that have occurred within your space. Everything that occurs within the four main walls of your unit is entirely your responsibility.

Do I need Liability Coverage?

Yes. Your coverage automatically includes liability protection which safeguards you against injury to another person that occurs on your property. This will also protect you in the event of property damage you’ve caused to another person. As unlikely as it may seem, accidents can and do happen on a daily basis. When it comes to unforeseen negative events, taking advantage of the preemptive measures provided through our coverage will be your best bet in terms of your own self-preservation.