With more cars on the road now than ever before, it’s important to know that you have the best auto coverage in place to protect you from the various hazards you have the potential to encounter. The independence that comes with owning your vehicle is valuable in itself and the experts at PAIB Insurance Inc. will work to keep your travels worry free.

Once you get behind the wheel, the possibility of something going very wrong is very real. As a driver, the life and property of your passengers, fellow drivers, and pedestrians is in your hands.
Whether you’re just learning, commute every weekday or simply enjoy the odd Sunday drive in your classic car, it’s important to find the insurance that works best for you.
Ontario Auto Reforms

Changes that took effect on June 1, 2016 make your Ontario auto insurance premiums more affordable and provide you with additional choice.  Click here to find out more.

What Mandatory Insurance Covers

Mandatory third-party liability coverage protects an insured Ontario driver and/or car owner in the event that someone is killed, injured or suffers property damage as a result of the driver’s negligence. For a minor injury, no-fault medical payments are limited to $3,500. Additional limits for non-minor and catastrophic injuries apply. Ontarians have options to buy additional coverage depending upon their needs. Learn more about Mandatory Auto Insurance coverage here.

In Ontario, all registered vehicles must have insurance provided by a private insurer. Accident benefits and the right to sue in specific situations are set out in a combination no-fault and tort-based system.

In the event of an accident that results in injuries to you, your insurance company will:

Help provide the medical/rehabilitation care to get you well.

Provide financial assistance to you if you are unable to work.

Provide financial protection if you hurt someone and are sued.

Before you put licence plates on your car:

Renew your vehicle registration or buy a temporary (trip) permit. You must also purchase auto insurance. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation provides specific guidelines for licensing a vehicle in the province. The right auto insurance coverage is essential if you are a car owner. By law, Ontario vehicle owners must buy a mandatory amount of insurance.

Looking to Insure Your Car?

Insurance coverages are subject to change. When you buy or renew auto insurance, it’s important to understand what’s currently mandatory within the province of Ontario. Let us help you find the best price, coverage, and service options.

Proof Of Car Insurance

Have you misplaced your proof of insurance certificate?
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